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TTPC for random RP with Quibby's Mehrin


DM handle: Mystica


Character’s name: Rodan Steppen

Age: 15

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Cairhien

Hair Color: ash blonde

Eye Color: grey

Height: 5'2

Weight: 125 lbs


Personality Traits: Bubbling, openhearted, friendly, positive, dreamer, romantic, clumsy, enthusiastic, energetic, intelligent.


Role: Rodan is supposed to take over his father's business but has his head crammed full of great stories of heroes and warriors.He's about to learn a hard but valuable lesson.


Brief History:


Rodan is the only son of Rodan Steppen (Sr.) and Melaine Morogan. His mother died at childbirth, leaving the father to raise his child alone. As any father, he tried to do well by his son and indulged him a bit overly in his whims and fantasies as a way to compensate for the loss of his mother. Junior's childhood was carefree and his fathe kept him away from most of the scheming and plotting of most adults, though the kid took notice of his father's dealings with his customers. Being a trader, Rodan Sr. had to be up there with the best of them in negotiations and argument as well as plotting and scheming and though he tried to shield his son from it all, the always smiling boy picked up quite a few of his father's tricks to manipulate people. A good thing that was too, since Rodan Jr had a way of attracting trouble like dung attracted flies. His people skills came in handy to avoid the majority of the punishments he'd otherwise suffer and his friends grew to simply roll their eyes at his antics after they'd let him drag them in to one of his many ridiculously flawed plans.


Growing up, the boy developped an overly romantisized view of anything to do with warriors. They were brighter than the Light itself in his eyes and he couldn't wait to begin his training. He'd become a blademaster by the age of 20 and then he'd be off to Tar Valon to bond an Aes Sedai who would become Queen of an unknown land and he'd fight off all sorts of monsters and bad men. Rodan had it all figured out. By the time he was 30 he would be a living legend! Like the heros in the stories his dad would tell him before bedtime.


His father, and anyone else that would be in hearing range, had heard his plans many times and everyone chuckled in amusement at the boy's childlike enthusiasm and fantasy. But dad began to become less amused as the boy aged and it looked like he didn't lose any of his enthusiasm for these wild stories. More and more it became clear to him that something had to be done to teach his son to keep his feet on the ground, or the first traveler he'd come across would make a pie out of him. Not to mention the boy's insistence of 'training' with whatever he could get his hands on. Just last week he'd been in bed the whole week, recovering from a gash along his shoulder from an axe he had been wielding that somehow managed to get away from him and attack him. At least, that's the boy's version of it.


No, something had to be done. Before he killed himself. Rodan Sr intended his son to take over his business, but he'd never hold his own if he didn't get a dose of reality and let these childish fantasies behind along with his childhood. It broke his heart, for the boy was much loved by everyone. It was impossible not to like him, really. He had such a disarming quality about him. But dad knew it had to be done, for his own good. Feeling not a little guilty for having encouraged the boy and embarrassed he needed outside help, Rodan Sr. set out to find the right man to teach his boy a life's lesson. He knew he couldn't do it. The boy would never take him serious. He knew his father loved him too much to let anything happen to him for real. A stranger, however, would be a different story.


One day, the father heard that a man had come to town. Not just any man, for this one needed no introduction. Having seen several candidates and none measured up, he picked up his courage and figured he might as well give it a try. If anyone could teach his boy without having him killed, it would be Mehrin Marhvon.

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