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Dirge of Onosia (Advanced) Mafia - Day 3

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You know, that's interesting, because Nolder's Role PM says that he (and I assume all the scum team) could only win when all anti-mafia players were eliminated, and it looks like Song couldn't die. At all.


So I wonder if Song wouldn't have counted against the mafia anymore for their win condition, or if the win condition MCS typed in the PMs to the mafia were incorrect. Like, if the mafia had to equal or outnumber anti-scum or whatever.

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*laughs at the QT*


Such a little LLL Ithi :wub:. You're all, SHE WANTS ME DEAD *sniffle*, meanwhile posting about all BLUES must die on the QT.


Des, Ithi, and nolder on the same team is scary. We're lucky it wasn't like that from the start!

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So Nolder, did you kill me?


but I was mafia


why did you have to contact me? I felt awful the entire time :(


Because I thought you were town, you bugger. Sign up for the Mistborn game so I can vote for you. :tongue:

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