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Appease the High Old One!


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The cultists, dressed in their green robes, gathered in their secret lair, far from civilization, to discuss the failings of their last great scheme. One spoke, "The Trivial Pursuit game was an unforgivable failure on our part... One we must take steps to correct or face His wrath." Another suggested, "Perhaps a sacrifice would appease His Greatness until another victory has been procured?" The others nodded. "I think we all know the perfect appeasement, as well. The one who barely took part in our plan... The one who didn't find it important enough to join this meeting... Leyrann!" The others bobbed heads and chuckled evilly. "Very well then. We shall meet at the clifftop at midnight five days from now, with Leyrann bound and gagged... To appease the High Old One!"

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That was one of my favourite Black Dragon cushions.


The seats are for the audience surely ... I thought you Cultists were going to be more up the business end of the who sacrifice thingy.


It is the fifth day tomorrow though and I am looking forward to seeing the show.


Perhaps we can sell refreshments and 'I saw Ley getting sacrificed' badges and T-Shirts?



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The Great Cthulhu, being an elder god trapped in and almost eternal slumber, lost track of time. One of his many followers, whose name is Len, walks into the room and stands before his fellow followers of the High Old One.


It is TIME!

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The omnipotent Cthulu has spoken and has decided that Leyran is not a good enough sacrifice...



the Cthulu has decided he is going straight to the top and requested that we sacrifice our M'Hael instead and I think it wise to appease him... (especially since she won't give me back my needle)


Henceforth Tina has been summoned, if she does not come willingly, we Cthuluites must track her down and bring her here!

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