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Welcome Valic!


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Welcome to the madness, Valic! I´m the M´Hael, Faction Leader of the Shadow. If you have any questions please just ask. I´m sure there will soon be someone here with brownies for you.


Now tell us all about yourself. Why did you want to join the BT? Who is your favourite asha´man? Are your already mad or is it a goal of yours?

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You should check that movie out, it's a classic. Hilarity, Giants, swordfights, and young Fred Savage rolling his eyes at smooching. Who wouldn't want that?


What else can you share about yourself for us? I for instance, loaned out a kidney, gall bladder, AND an appendix when I first joined.


*drools hungrily*



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I adore The Princess Bride




If you watch it and provide a review I will definitely give you points Valic. So double win for you ... you get to watch and awesome film and earn points at the same time.


I'm still very happy about the return of Despo btw however, so if he feels the need to lunch on you I'm just gonna say go ahead. It's been a while since he fed after all.



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