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Hey everyone,


Im a newbie to the DM world but am dieing to get my RP on.

So basically just saying hey and wondering if there is anything

else that I have to do before I start interacting...

or if anyone has tips for me that would be awesome.


Also, already submitted my bio to the email... is there anything

else that I need to do??


Many thanks!!!

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Hello! Just saw your Bio. Nice. We'll get back to you on that once we've sorta gone through it with a finetoothed comb. *grins evilly* But well done.


Also, well... you can just hang out here and chat with us. Activity is kinda low at the moment and we're looking for really enthusiastic and committed individuals to turn that around. Care to throw around some ideas as to what you want to do, RP-wise? It's good to discuss things here and then move to the actual posts. So if you want to go snake hunting with the other Soldiers/Deds, here's a good place to gather the men and discuss who wants to be bitten... etc.


WELCOME! I'm Skechid, the Asst Division Leader. If you have questions, let me know. I'll help in anyway that I can.

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Awesome, glad to know that Im not doing everything wrong.



Well, I have no idea how to start this or how everything is carried out?

Do you just get together and start writing? Or how does it all happen?


O and would love to cause a little mischief, chase a few foxes, catch a badger maybe. :)


Thanks Skechid!!! :)

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Well... Arath is the official Bio checker of sorts, so he'll sort it out and let you know once you are good to go.


But no harm planning stuff in the meantime. I've always wanted a pet badger. THey sound furry.


Me likes.

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Oh. My. Gawd.


KEPEN??? WTH. Of COZ I remember you. We used to chat everywhere. *lol* How is it you know me as Boopsy and not Skechid? I was just Skechid back when I knew you. Then you should know Dali too right? He was around then. I think.


Welcome back dood, welcome back.

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Bahahahahaha best reaction ever!!


Haha and nice to be remembered. I dont know, I think its cause of the blues that talked

about you all the time as boopsy instead of skechid...


Im trying to remember, Dali... hmm


Haha thanks, trying to come back.

And thinking RPing will be real fun!!

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the healing stuff can only come in a capital "H" sense after I RP out some other stuff probably, which might take me a bit. Skechypoos can do that stuff too though ;) and I will still make another character to channel with in the mean time if need be - I had some ideas on the burner in case I couldn't play Dali when I came back any who :)


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