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Ithillian Turambar

Wheel of Time Trivial Pursuit at the Black Tower

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This was a blast, thanks Ithi and Rhea. Will this be a yearly event maybe?


Congrats to the winners, you guys were great.


Finally, thanks to my fellow Great Old Ones for making me look good. You guys kept us in the running until the end. Wish I could have helped more, but work has been a bitch this month. I literally had about fifteen minutes a day that I could get on, not nearly enough to be as active as I needed to be. Next time we'll pull it off though.

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Sorry I wasn't around like at all for this (school conspiracy to have all projects at same time), but well done to Ithi and Rhea for putting this together. I did kinda skim through, and this obviously took a lot of work, so props for pulling it off.

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I was around

I just wasn't aware this was happening

I don't generally look in on the orgs unless I'm in a mafia game and even then the rest of the threads are generally a blur since I usually don't care what the topics are

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We advertised it everywhere, even in General Discussions.


Ah well can't be helped now. If Verbal pulled his furry finger out and slapped the pooter fixy people till they fixed the 'Find New Content' button got fixed, you probably wouldn't have missed this.


I blame him .... and the TaintTM

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nooooo I probably still would have missed it lol

I honestly don't look at much outside my mafia games

sometimes I check the movie/games/tv forums but not too terribly often


but yeah I really like this sort of stuff so uhh if you're ever doing anything like it again and need more people just shoot me a PM and I'll probably join right up

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    • Yes but there is opening yourself to channel and then there is a quick unintentional use.  If you notice before Rand became a channeler, fully aware of what he was doing and willing try to embrace the power, all you get are the side effects from channeling (the taking chances etc,,) but not the filth feeling.  After book 1, when the using the power and the side effects happened near the same time, all he gets is the filth.  The difference is he knows he can channel and needs to embrace the source to channel.  Just like the women who are starting to channel never seem to notice the warmth of touching the female half until they survive the side effects and become aware what they are doing.  A wilder like Nyn, had she stayed in the Two Rivers, never would of felt the feeling of opening herself to the source since she had built up a block, so it might have to do with you have to open yourself up to the power to feel the good or bad.     In one of Rand's lives in book 2 I believe he was a member of the Queen's guards and was lucky, he thought later he understood why but he didn't care.  He was suffering from touching the male half but was basicly a wilder and it was never said he was feeling the filth.  So I think a lot has to do with someone who channels but doesn't really know it or is never trained how to do it aren't fully opening themselves up enough to feel the filth or warmth.  They are incapable of doing anything more then a quick touch of the surface.   It's possible Rand would of started to feel nausea when he accidently channeled and not probably not understand why.  But there seems to be a difference between inadvertently channeling and intentionally channeling.
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    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/20/pew-research-1-in-10-u-s-voters-in-2020-election-will-be-foreign-born/   Muh Russian influence. LOL! We are giving out country away and not enough people care. I suppose one thing follows the other though doesn't it?
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    • You can’t touch the source without reaching through the taint.