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Locke needs a SHADOW!

Gabriel Kross

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So I was thinking, (yes scary I know...) Locke seems busy alot so never has time to update stuff on time. So I was thinking he should have a Shadowite helper so there is representtation on both sides... :P


I am willing to volunteer to help out though I don't know if it will be frowned upon since I am only a lowly Soldier... :/

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I guess that his tasks are just tasks for the staff and that he will step down if he doesn't have enough time. However, he already said that he was going to combine December and January hit threads...

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Great that you want to help out. We actually have four staff members that updates the site - Locke, MCS, Talmanes and TMD. I´m going to try and learn how to do it too. (I´m just afraid I will crash the whole site. :biggrin: ) Sometimes everyone are here and sometimes everyone has too much to do in rl. I will bring it up with the ones that updates it now and see if they want your help. Thanks!!!

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Yeah, because I wasn't here for the first part of the month I just decided to combine December and January. Doing it in the middle of the month inevitably ends with errors. (and broken hearts)


Anyway, I appreciate you guys offering to help, but I think the Staff can take care of what needs to be taken care of. There are 7 Staff + whichever Attack Leaders are available.

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