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Music Piracy Question(s)


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To preface, the title was the best one that came to mind, and I couldn't come up with a better one.


So, my brother and I were making the long drive from my father's place to our apartment when "inspiration" struck. I say "inspiration" because there's no other term for the incredibly random ideas that strike me in the head like a brick from time to time. I digress...


Turning to my brother, I asked, "So.... what do you think the most pirated piece of music in the world is?"


After a pause, he responded, "You know, I'm not sure." Another pause. "Are we talking 'world' world, or are we talking 'US' world?"


With a shrug, I responded, "Why not both?"


We then spent a good 45 minutes discussing what hallmarks or tags one might use to trace back to an answer, but we both left the conversation flummoxed. It now comes to you folks, the question in full: In the time since digital downloading programs such as Napster have existed until the present day, what are the most pirated songs in a)the world, and b)your country?


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... go.

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