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Reread WoT or read new books?

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I'm an avid Forgotten Realms reader, the books are short and sweet. I have a big collection of Forgotten Realms books that I haven't read yet, but with A Memory of Light approaching, I'm debating whether to reread WoT or start working on the books I haven't read.


I recently finished ToM for the first time, and re-read TEotW. But I'm not sure if I have time before AMoL is done to read from TGH to at least TPoD, with a school semester approaching.


What would you do?!

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I would try to do the re-read. You could skim a little, and you wouldn't have to worry about getting super-sucked into a series that's lightyears away from being done.

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When ToM was getting close, I only re-read TGS in preparation for it since there was only a year between the two. If you are pressed for time, I would just start at book 11 Knife of Dreams. It's the beginning of the end in that book.


However I'm in the process of doing a full re-read because I'm due for one... and I'm kind of obsessed with the WoT. :)

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