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so google your name and what do you get..


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Apparently I'm a hotel!


but I like my Urban dictionary:


1. another name for a pitchfork; Also an amazingly awesome person who knows all and knows how to party (well i do have fire tongs...so close enough to pitch fork)

2. A female, generally an awesome one, she hates people, is cynical, occasionally morbid, has great taste in literature, a bit short although she makes up for it in how awesome she is, loves food more than living, a much better person than she may think, and an amazing friend.

3. A super cool, fun, kind, loving, gorgeous person. She is always nice, and a great friend.


so what can you find about your DM Handle?

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Number 3 on google, is the battle for Ithillian, here in the BT. I am also someone in World of Warcraft (number 1) and a princess in the LotR (number 4). Number 2 is a youtube channel.


I am not defined in the Urban Dictionary as yet.

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I think they got all the awesome stuff down pat, Talya. :wink:


LOL, the entire first page of the Google search for my DM handle is various other accounts I have around the internet....and the page after that, and the page after that....All of the pages, actually. All 6...not that I have that many different accounts, but a lot of it was livejournal or photobucket stuff... XD


And most of the image results are from my photobucket, and stuff... XD




Nothing interesting there.


Maybe if I do "Meesh" instead. XD


Erm, first result is some artist profile who draws furries for recreation and profit. >.>


Urban Dictionary...


1. sexy and cool person

2. short friendly version of Michelle >.>

3. Noun, Verb. This word's history is derived from the ancient children of Guatemala and one of America. It means to be cute or cuddly. To have the cutest potential of anything around.

4. Derived from the name 'Misha', it is used as a replacement for a word, usually a swear word.

5. A silent or secret fart. It is only a true meesh if no one knows that it is you who dealt it.

6. A seriously lazy, grouchy, angry, scratchy troglodyte who has an unnatural love of merkins and peanuts. Steals your milk and your soul. Also wears purple pants. >.>


Do you know how weird it is to see other people with blogs and twitters and stuff with your name...when you have an unusual name? XD


I also sell collegiate apparel.


Cool beans.

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wow, there seem to be many people with the username smiley73, first two are about something to do with royalty free music and I turn up only once on the first page, but I turn up much more on the second page.

My first name (Ismail) shows up on google linking mostly me to my facebook profile and school/competion sites website. My first name Urban dictionary is definitely not appropriate to post, but I'll link it for those of you who want to brave the big dark internet, though I don't think most of it can be applied to me

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Urban Dictionary for my first name Lauren:



1. a beautiful girl whom makes you go crazy .

2. someone who hides so much, and still manages to keep her head up high. the one who isn't afraid to say what she means. the one who all of the guys want for her looks at first, but then realize what she really is--- one of the purest most beautiful human beings on the planet, inside and out. everyone loves this girl, including me. i love you.

3. A exclamation of pure beauty and wonder

4. a girl that everyone wants to be. Usually looks good in just about everything but she doesn't think so. Can act very mature but not afraid to dance in the street. A Lauren can be the life of the party but will still get along great with the parents. A beautiful girl who has many friends. Has very deep thoughts about life and not afraid to share them with you. Her beauty will astound you and her smile is captivating. The girl you will never forget

5. First popularized by Betty Jean Perske, who used Lauren Bacall as her stage name.

Laurel - Crowned.

Generally smart, caring, loyal, intelligent, funny, and hardworking. A bit hardheaded at times.

6. 1.)Amazingly beautiful. Most girls hate her because of this.

2.)An expert in ----------------. (you'd have to go to here to look UD Lauren

3.)Innocent,sweet and girly on the surface but underneath lies a real minx.

4.)Full of feminine charm.

5.)Works those curves!

1.)'Omg mom look at her! What an absolute Lauren'

2.)'I had me me some funnnnn times with Lauren last night ;)'

3.)'Lauren syndrome'

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Ha, ha.


When I googled TinaHel the first two hits were about food precipice since tina= thaw in Swedish. The third hit was me at DM. It was my welcome threads in the Freelanders and the SG, my Disney Princess mafia and Dice´s thread in the BT. There is apparently others with the same name on other sites, which I didn´t know.


Urban dictionary doesn´t have TinaHel but I searched for Tina instead and found:


1. Slang for a certain drug. (Go figure! I´m against all sorts of drugs.)


2. The most beautiful girl you will ever lay eyes on.


3. The little one. Competitive, a leader, independent, strength, creative and original. A refined intellectual, a woman who´s studious, analytical and very research oriented.


Some of it might be true. :biggrin:

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I did the google thing and my first DM spotting was #49. It was mostly stuff for Turin the character itself. There were also a couple of other people using the name on other sites.


did turin in UD.


#1 was for the city of turin in italy.


#2 was as a slang term for having a bad day.



person A "I got up late, missed my bus, slipped in the rain and go scalded by my tea."

person B: "My you had a real Turin day"


so Turin = Schleprock

Edited by Turin Turambar
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I didn't think to do my first name..




it comes up with other Theresas...Theresa May and I have a college..St Theresa's


urban dic:


A cute, smart, talented girl. She's really cool and can find humour in almost anything. Everyone likes her. She has a beautiful smile and pretty eyes

then there is the Theresa syndrome...apparently! according to Urban Dic again:

When you have exhibited behaviour that is similar to that of a Theresa. Typically, this is fun, happy, having a good time and smiling. Theresa Syndrome will sometimes describe someone who is having a laughing fit. It can also be used to describe someone who is likable, cute and kind. <br style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 19px; "><br style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 19px; ">Theresa Syndrome is a good thing to have.



A mental disease meaning that someone is not cool enough to get something done or get something to work.

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My handle pulled up stuff from the books, obvi.


Lauren already posted our name.


With my first and last name it pulls up my myspace account (wtf), a get back in touch with old friends site with my town name net to it, and then a bunch of newspaper articles from our local paper.



Our name is teh awesome. :D


this little side back and forth makes it look like you've got multiple personality disorder, referring to yourself in the plural, that or you're using the royal we

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