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Band of the Red Hand plan of action


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Please find below my plan of action for the Band of the Red Hand Social Group, which will mainly happen in early January 2012.


1. There will be a new sign up for new and returning members of the Social Group. This will allow me to bring in a new Regiment - the Masons. I view this as an ideal time to do this, as it allows the Social Group to mirror the Band in the books. The three current Regiments of the Archers, Cavalry and Infantry will remain. Any member of the other Regiments can move with no repercussions of doing so. This sign up aims to populate the Regiments immediately (running for most of January 2012), as I want a minimum of 5 members per Regiment (Senior Staff are excluded from this figure). Done on 4th January 2012


2. Find a new Executive Officer to review and overhaul the Recruit programme. As I have received no interest internally, I expect I will have to look outside and bring someone in - I will make them become a member of the Band. The new Executive Officer will review the current system and see how it can be improved. Once the Regiments have been populated, the Recruit scheme will be eased back in. In progress


3. The music activity for January 2012 will be a "It's A Knockout" contest for the top selling singles in 2011 in the UK. There will also be "Tune or No Tune" covering this as well. "Original vs. Cover" will start up again. Done on 8th January 2012


4. Set up a thread to generate ideas for music themes for 2012. Done on 4th January 2012


5. Go through the old sign up and see who needs to be added. Done on 4th January 2012


6. January 2012 roll call thread. This will allow current members to switch to the Masons if they want to, again with no repercussions. Done on 4th January 2012


That will be the plan for this week. Once the Regiments are populated, looking for a Captain-General for each will start. I want structure to be brought to the 4 Regiments as soon as possible, along with the introduction of the Redarms to patrol the Band.



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Hi corki,

I'm trying to get the band sorted out you can go have a look at my thread on the cav boards if you like.

Loving your Ideas to kick start the band again, was wondering if you had any emails or contact information for Cav members, so I can get some back here i've sent some pms but want to get more people if I can. Also if you could get me mod access to the cav boards They really need to be cleaned up, id appreachae it.



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