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Welcome Piotrek to the BT!!!

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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Welcome to the Black Tower!


We are delighted to have you among us!

Please have some Tainted brownies --don't worry, they have an ever replenishing weave on them, so you can eat all you can hold and they never run out.




And you should eat all you can hold or the madness won't settle on you properly and things might start to make to much sense.


You will in short... or somewhat longer than short time... get access to the hidden boards, but please take the time to explore the twisty tangled tainty mess of the open boards and feel your way around a bit.



Settle in for some serious spam and tell us a bit about yourself, and what brought you here, and what kind of stuff you like about the books, and life, the universe and everything. Music, games, stuff, things.


And if you have any questions, we love answering them, so shoot.

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I knew it! Once you put your nose in here the taint takes hold of you and it´s hard to let go. Not that you want to of course. Welcome to the Black Tower! I´m the M´Hael, Faction Leader of the Shadow. Please sit down and tell us about yourself. Do you drive a Skoda? Where are you keys? Do you have a favorite asha´man?

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Guest PiotrekS

Thank you all for your kind and warm welcome! I'm honoured and excited :smile:


Igor will bring my luggage so I can talk to you for a while.


The brownies are delicious! Somehow, the Taint tastes much better here than described in the books. Mix it with brownies, Rand, that's the secret! When I see a thread in which both Kael and Elan agree with me, I'll know the Taint has firmly taken hold...


I'd like to especially thank Cindy for making me see the glories of the Taint - and, additionally, for being purely made of awesome :smile: And for the beautiful introduction, of course.


I've been lurking around and posting occasionally so I've already met some of you and I have to say I like it very much here :smile: I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better!


What should I tell about myself? I'm 27, Polish, I live in a beautiful historical city of Krakow(Cracow )in the south of the country, although I come from the small town of Puławy in the east of Poland. To tell the truth Tina, generally I don't drive at all, since I'm able to leisurely walk everywhere I need as I live in a centre where I also work. We also have a good public communication and lot of traffic jams, so it is much more comfortable than using a car. So I don't have a car right now, though that will probably have to change if I move somewhere else.


Fauvorite asha'man? Hmm, probably Damer Flinn. I respect healers and like his humble and down-to-earth manner. I also like Logain.


Keys? You mean those things used to open a door? Or am I being stupid? :tongue: They generally sit in my pocket or is a desk drawer.


I love talking with friends and meeting new people, so I'm very much looking forward to good times at BT! I'm interested in pretty much everything, from entertainment, funny stuff to serious or scientific or even "life, universe and everything" topics. I love music very much and play a little guitar. I also love reading books, of course a lot of fantasy but also other stuff. I also love sports and play as much football and tennis as I can (which is almost nothing right now, unfortunately). I'm the supporter of Wisla Krakow, Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona and Arsenal football clubs. Fauvorite books? That's tough, probably Tolkien, WOT, all Pratchett, Dune, Sapkowski Witcher series, Mika Valtari's "The Egyptian" (probably the best novel I've ever read) and "Master and Margarita". Lots of others as well.


I speak English, French and learn Spanish.


I dream of becoming a famous fantasy writer and guitarist and being able to work while not leaving my villa. :wink:


Fauvorite characters: Rand, Mat, Siuan, Aviendha, Moiraine, Nynaeve.


As some of you might know :wink: I can't stand Egwene, but always tried to write more of a reasoned critique than "hate hate" type of posts about her.


I have a pretty twisted, ironic and sometimes dark sense of humour (love Monty Python and some Polish very abstract comedy groups such as Mumio). So I ask for your leniency if I say something weird or seemingly insulting :wink: -i is never my intention.


Oh, and I write long posts :tongue: If you want to know something more, I'll happily answer.

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the Taint has its work cut out for it here. but the madness always overcomes rationality and lucidity in the end. :baalzamon:


you are very welcome, and thank you for the kind words. I never did think we'd manage to ensnare you, but once we've got you in the tower, there's no chance of finding your way out.


always great to have another igor around the place.... there have been some... injuries...


when and if I wake up this morning, I'll post some threads you may enjoy if you haven't already found them. I'm interested on your take on the fremen vs aieieieil (yeah spellings not my thing) issue.


twisted and ironic are good, and.... way too late to worry about weird now. let your freak and geek flags fly proudly.


and again welcome :happy:


why do I have the urge to say today piotrek, tomorrow terez.....




oh, and go light!

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ok, basic thread about points. some of the things you won't have access to until we can poke an admin to open the vaults, but there's a lot to read, so take it in small bits, and come back to it later when things make more sense, or when it stops bothering you that nothing makes any sense.



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and by thread in which we spam, i mean of course, the thread in which we spam the most, the purest, and the spammiest, with the noblest goal...


cause as you see, we spam everything.


but help the cause if you will, 100K posts is a lot of spam.


and this can also serve as a place to chat at times, but don't look too hard for any kind of sense or such.

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