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WT/DM World Class January (Week 1)

Wildfire Sedai

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Welcome to the WT/DM World Class for January. My name is Wildfire and I am your teacher for this class. The class lasts four weeks and there will be homework for each week. However because there are only two of you ,so far, if you both get the homework done early we will move on to the next weeks homework. Also just FYI, during the week I will be on between 8pm to 9/10pm EST and on the weekends I will probably be on during the day some depending on what I have to do. So if you post a question in the am, I just wanted to let you know that it probably won't be answered till the pm. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, as I will do my best to answer them. Please be respectful of each other. Thank you.



Kwom Masbag-algai

Matrim Hat-rim-initiate




2) You can't just say hello and then disappear. Try and get to know everyone! Actively ask questions! This is a conversation, not a one and done. Get to know all the Ajahs and the Warders. Everyone is welcoming and wonderful, so just try!

3) Not too much spam please. Relevant conversation is acceptable however.

4) Do all your homework, or else you won't get credit. The homework is easy AND informative!

5) HAVE FUN! Get to know everyone and make friends. We don't bite...much. :smile:




A) Introduce yourself here and get to know each other


B) Behavior and what's acceptable


1) What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do?

2) How are members of the WT/Warders expected to behave?

3) What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?

4) What in the heck does PG13 mean?

5) What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?


C) Progression through the ranks


1) What are those requirements you keep talking about?

2) What is an Org-wide event?

3) How do I help organize something around here?




Kwom: ABC :smile:

Matrim: ABC :smile:


I really appreciate you both not wanting to copy/paste however:


Just to make it "official" :biggrin:



(Must be done in order)

-R&U the Rules and Guidelines (Follow links)

-WT/DM World Class (Offered once a month, keep an eye out for the sign-ups!)

-Declare path choice here (Aes Sedai or Warder)




(Can be done in any order)

-Participate in an Org-wide event (An event run on the main WT board)

-Participate in an Ajah/Guild sponsored event/thread of your choice

-Lead an Ajah/Guild sponsored event/thread for a "less active" Ajah/Guild (to be approved by Ajah Head & MoN/MaA)




(Can be done in any order)

-Lead in an Org-wide event

-Participate in an Ajah/Guild sponsored event/thread for a "less active" Ajah/Guild of your choice

-Lead a WT/DM World class for Initiates OR participate in 2 more Ajah/Guild sponsored events


(To be done after other requirements)

-Petition and get accepted into an Ajah (for Aes Sedai path)

-Participate in an event sponsored by your Ajah/Guild

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Alright, in the effort to not burn myself out...wait, that probably wasn't the best choice of words for me to use in the White Tower as a male... *coughs* In the effort to not cause myself to become extraordinarily lazy, I'll do the homework in increments. I think that the main reason I didn't finish last time was due to my desire to just GOGOGO, and instead I just didn't care. *nodsnods*


Anyways, howdy Mat. ^_^ *chuckles* I'm trying to determine how much of an introduction is appropriate for somebody who's already been a member of this SG for a year, and who's already met the other person taking the class... Umm... How do you do? *holds out hand*

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Well...I haven't really met you. So you could introduce yourself to me :smile:


As to doing your homework in increments: what exactly do you mean. Just taking the whole week to do it..which is fine by the way :wink: or taking longer..which will set you back a bit and might make you burn yourself out :wink: from trying to catch up.

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Very well, I'm Kwom Masbag. High school graduate as of May 25th last year (which also happened to be my eighteenth birthday :D). I spend my free time writing (which I need to do again soon), reading, playing video games, making YouTube videos (as of around two months ago), and assorted exercising throughout the day, which includes sword and staff practice (and after I visit the Renaissance Festival this year, dual dagger practice), yoga, and as of a few days ago, parkour. *nods* Umm...uh...eh... I'm not sure if that covers it. If there's anything else you feel I should add, just let me know. *nods* And I mean a little bit every day throughout the week, in regards to homework. *nodsnods*



Or something:

. >_>


Anyways, back to homework!


1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they're expected to respect not only people in rank above them, but also every other member on here, as well. Or perhaps that fits better in 2? Anyways, they're also mostly expected to have fun and enjoy themselves. *nods*


2. As said above, behave respectfully at all times. If you follow that simple guideline, you can't really go wrong. *nods* Also, no Channeling unless you're Accepted with supervision, or an Aes Sedai.


3. The Code of Conduct is a set of rules that every member of Dragonmount is expected to follow.


4. PG13 means that if something is too...racy to be seen in a PG13 movie, it doesn't belong here on these boards. *nods*


5. Thread Hijacking is when two or more members take control of a topic and use it for a private conversation, giving no other members the chance to participate. Spam is...well...a gross meat product that I shan't eat since I'm a vegetarian. What's that? That wasn't it? In fact, that was probably spam itself? The technical definition on here used for Spam is "a large volume of inane posts in a thread/area where such is not wanted." If it doesn't have anything to do with the topic title, it's probably spam. *nods*

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*Shakes Kwom's hand*


How di do?


My handle 259_Lever_Handle.jpg name is Matrim Hat-rim, 15 years and with high attention standard :nodsnods:, I live far out in the country of New Zealand and am the unfortunate brother of Nyanna al'Meara in RL...

When I'm not flat under schoolwork load In my free time I enjoy biking and fishing, but also DM (duh!), various computer games and programming with Javascript.


I am a great fan of the WoT and nearly all Fantasy, I also have mock quaterstaff fights with my sister and have recently added a 1.5m bamboo pole to my favourites... :baalzamon:


Oh, and I also have a dog called Luno (its a long story where that name came from...)


Well, thats me!

Otherwise I live a very boring life in the jungle... Tarzan_300.jpg


Homework follows...

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Thank you for introducing yourself Kwom. However I do have one question: what is parkour? :smile:


Manny Toppings...LOL..yes a little spam is allowed in this thread cause we are here to have fun. Though it should be relevant to this thread, however I will let this one pass: for now. :wink:


I wonder though where Matrim is? Though its only been one full day since I posted this so I guess he could be busy.


Carry on, carry on. (I have no idea where that came from just remember it from somewhere) :smile:

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Hello Mat!! Nice intro. I do believe though that I got two class clowns for my class. :rolleyes: I am sure nyn would love to know about the unfortunateness awesomeness of her sisterhood to you. :wink:


Again I believe I should remind you also that though spam is allowed in this thread it should be relevant to the class. Since it was an unique way to introduce yourself tarzan Matrim it too will be let pass. :smile:

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Me? Negative, I just started last week, plus the buildings around here aren't nearly close enough together for that. Though I have been practicing climbing. I can scale a ten foot wall without any handholds already, which I'm rather proud of. *nods* Aye, I just practice at a local park and do each move repeatedly until I get the full hang of it. *nods*

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*Hangs head*


Yes accepted.


1. Have fun and chill out, as this isn't a RP group. But everyone should also behave according to their rank! more of that below...


2. Behave respectfully to other members, especially those of equal and higher rank. Also no aspies are allowed to channel! Excepting Accepted, if they are given permission by an Aes Sedai prior to channelling.


3. The code of conduct is an addition to the general DM rules. It applies to me by advising me on how to behave and what/what not to do to keep DM a happy and safe place. :biggrin:


4. PG13. If a movie, piece of writing... is PG13, it means that it is strongly recommended for people 13 and over, not younger!

Something that’s PG13 usually contains adult themes, nudity and... that stuff! Nothing on DM should ever exceed the PG13 rule!


5. Thread hijacking is when a bunch of people have their own conversation which goes of topic to the thread they are posting in, thus, they hijack it!

Spam is when a large amount of random posts are posted, that are rather off topic to the thread posted in.

The general policy is to familiarise oneself with a board or thread before participating, this is to ensure that you know what the thread/board is about and what’s acceptable and what not.


*folds hands on desk looking grave*

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just a couple of questions then I will answer your question to me that you sent via PM and which you posted here before I could reply (probably cause my puter is 8 years old :smile: ) which is something you should be asking here. :rolleyes:




who is "ed"?

and what does having a stubborn friend have to do with this class? :rolleyes:


as to your question:


You need to find out the way an initiate becomes a novice/algai then a novice to accepted/algai to manshima, etc. To do this you must read the STICKIES that are at the top of each page. I am sure from careful looking that you will find the right one. Also you must answer all three of the questions under: C) Progression through the ranks.


As for future questions: PLEASE POST THEM HERE. As Kwom might have the same question. :smile:

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1) Y'see, if you need something badly enough, and walk past the same wall enough times, a secret Room will appear. The necessities that you used to make the Room appear are "requirements." *nods* Requirements are the three things under each rank that you need to fulfill to progress to the next rank.


2) An Org-wide event is an event that appears on the main page of the WT/W boards, and, well...it's for any member of the Org to participate in. *nodsnods* By the Light, that's such a lame answer, but that's what I got.


3. From time to time, somebody will post a request in the Dorms asking for an Aspie's assistance in running an event. If you accept the event, that's one way to go about it. Another way is to hit up the MoN/MaA with an idea you have for an event, and they'll probably see what they can do. All else fails, ask one of those same two people for help in finding an event to run. I'm sure they won't bite. Unless you smell really good. It's probably a safe bet not to shower for a few days before asking them. *nods*

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Alrighty. *nods* Part of me is simply wanting to copy/paste from the Req Room. But that won't do. *shakes head* Reqs generally involve participating or leading events or threads, running classes, or...participating or leading even more events or threads. *chuckles*

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1) The requirements are the three required activities that an aspirant needs to do in each rank in order to progress to the next higher rank: Initiate to novice/algai to accepted/manshima to aes sedai/der'manshima.


2) An Org-wide event is an event (competition etc.) that is posted on the Main WT/Warders Board and thus, everyone WT wide can participate.


3) The aspirant common room often has threads posted in it that provide aspies with the opportunity of helping to run an event.

If an aspirant comes up with a good idea of an event, they could PM the MoNster or the MaA.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Handle: Kari Sedi

Rank: initiate

Loves to read and solve problems.

Everyone is expected to respect everyone else and not get off topic too much because that'd be rude. Basically, following the treat others as you want to be treated rule is expected while on the site. You're not supposed to take over a thread in a way which excludes others. In other words be polite and considerate, in my opinion.

As to the reqs, there are three things which each person must complete to go up a rank and in order too. An Org wide event is an event open to any one. To help organize, simply contact Tynaal Sedai, the MaA, or another admin.

Wildfire Sedai, please let me know if I have missed something for this homework.

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Kari: You have posted in the class threads without the permission of the Mistress of Novices and the teacher-me. Did you read the rules posted in this thread. I told you that you had to have tynaal sedai's permission before starting the class. I like your enthusiasm but there are procedures that you must follow. Please do not post in anymore threads especially the field trip ones until you are OFFICIALLY entered into the class. Thank You.


PS: I just got a PM from Tynaal Sedai the Mistress of Novices (You should get it also and my reply) and she would like you to wait for next months class which will start in a few days. In order to get into that class you have to wait for the sign up thread to be posted and post in there that you want to take the class. Then keep an eye out for any new posts in that thread. It will tell you who your teacher will be and then they will start a new class thread for february.

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