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New Years resolutions.


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I don;t really do resolutions. They never get accomplished, but I do have goals for the future, though not necessarily this year.


Go back to school.

Get happy and stay healthy.

Finish my back piece and get a half sleeve.

Learn to play the acoustic guitar.

Move out into the world on my own, or at least not living with my parents.


That's about it.

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I don´t make any resolutions but, like Song, I have some goals.


Work out more and eat healthier. Meditate more often.


Spend less money and save more.


Go on a vacation with my family.


I want to travel to DragonCon and meet Leelou and other DM friends. Can´t afford that this year though.


Mostly I need to adapt to working again.


Take over the Black Tower. (Don´t tell Talmanes.) :biggrin:

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that's a lot.


y'all are making me want to defy my angry jealous god and have someone draw something on me... resisting the urge and the HCV risk.


I have only got tats in MN, and in Minnesota they require you to use sterile instruments when tatting and piercing. I go to the same place everytime and physically see them open the sterile needles and then break and toss them in a SHARPS container. I would never put my health at risk for a tat lol

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My goals would probably come to doing well in school, since getting into a medicine in university will probably be tough, I've got a few things going against me, hopefully I can work through that otherwise I have very little problems in my life that need serious working out, new year's resolutions though seems silly to me, goals are better, easier to procrastinate with.


and moar debating, debating is fun

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