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Missed evidence Sheriam was BA in book 3?

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I don't have book 3 on me, so bear with me...


Also, my apologies if this was brought up; I couldn't find it anywhere.


IIRC, when Egwene goes thru her testing she mentions to Sheriam that Rand said they could turn him to the shadow. Sheriam then explains about the 13x13 trick. As far as I remember, there was no one in earshot. Egwene even mentioned to Sheriam that 13 black sisters fled the tower and Sheriam tells her that isn't her concern.


Later, when Nyneave is captured in Tear, the BA capturing her says that "Be'lal is sending for myrdraal... THIRTEEN of them," then laughs as Nyn starts to scream. At the time I thought maybe this was just bad writing, since there really was no reason the BA would think Egwene and co. knew about the trick. Then I thought maybe the BA was testing Nyn to see if she knew what she was referring to, but that seems kind of pointless. (I mean, just tell her what you are going to do.). Then I thought maybe this was a hint that Sheriam was black, that she told her superiors that Egwene and co. would be on guard against being turned, and the message was relayed to the sisters in Tear, one of whom then taunted Nyneave with it.


Anyway that always bugged me. What do you all think?

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think it's knowledge that most Aes Sedai have. She whispers it because novices aren't supposed to know but any full sister would. I think the BA sister just says it as a normal threat that they would use for anyone. They wouldn't care if Egwene and Co understood or not other then for some sadistic satisfaction

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I agree that I think it is knowledge that all (or virtually all) Aes Sedai have. So I don't think it is necessarily a hint that Sheriam is Black. Though I think you do a nice job in drawing the line in how it could have worked as a specific taunt against the wondergirls.


After all, there are more direct hints than that. First off, in Book 3, Egwene suspects that virtually anyone could be Black. Verin. Sheriam. Elaida. Alanna. Maybe even Anaiya and Leane, I can't remember.


But the incident with the Gray Man in the Tower (where Sheriam doesn't question who stabbed him) and then after Mat is healed, a dead Gray Man turns up in Sheriam's bed, are a couple a can think of from Book 3. As is Egwene's feeling that Sheriam wasn't in a hurry to heal Mat (probably due to her BA orders).

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