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Now that Brandon has finished AMOL....

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I'm planning on starting my reread sometimes in February or March. It takes me between 6-7 months to reread all that's currently out, depending on life activities and current levels of focus. I'm giving myself a bit of leeway to slack off a bit if I see myself getting too close to the mark.

My wife started her first read in July of 2011 and is currently on CoS. If she continues at the pace she's on, she will probably be all caught up within a month or two of the release. lol.

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Almost finished EoTW. Must say when you start re-reading again you just want to get over all the initial stuff and wish you could get onto the juicier later books.

When I first tried to read EoTW 11 years ago I never got past the part where Mat and Rand journey from Whitebridge to Caemlyn - seemed boring to me at the time and still does. Now the thought of what comes later in the series is the only thing which gets me through.

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I started mine about a month or so ago and finished it yesterday.


The difference being that this was the first time on my Kindle, which added massively to the amount of time I could spend reading as I can carry it around pretty much anywhere and whip it out (ooh-er!) at a moment's notice - hard to do that with a hardback the size of a small car!


In the weeks leading up to AMOL, I'll probably read ToM again, just to get into the zone. :)

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