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Ajah test

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Well, I made my picks and I asked the magic hat what it thought I belonged to, and it didn't give me anything! Another thing - no Black Ajah!

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So I tried it too and got a tie...maybe thats quite suitable: Seeker of wisdom and the truth. On the other hand it is a contradiction because...


"White sisters ignore the social causes that define the Blue, Gray, Green and Red Ajahs, and have no room for the worldly knowledge that the Browns and to some extent the Yellows seek. It is said that they have no room in their hearts for passions at all, yet they are deeply passionate in their search for the truth. Many Whites appear almost ascetic in their behaviour." [WIKI]


White Ajah: 5
Brown Ajah: 5
Blue Ajah: 4
Green Ajah: 4
Gray Ajah: 3
Red Ajah: 3
Yellow Ajah: 1

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Ooh another test or is it the same as in wt? 

Am I the only one that can't open the link?

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Wrong place, at the right time

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