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For once not a "Spam me!" thread from Despothera


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Hey guys I'm not sure if any had noticed, but I've been a lot spottier than normal lately on the social side. I hate saying this, but the social aspect of the BT just isn't quite as appealing to me anymore, and I will prob continue to be much of a lurker and occassional poster. I still plan on participating in games and activities, but it just kind of feels like I'm going through the motions lately and the interaction feels forced. Sorry to all the friends I've made here, I wish I had a better reason for this but I don't and don't want to lie to yall.


Plus, I've rediscovered how much fun xbox is again lol, and I'm pretty sure I got Skyrim for christmas so I'll be playing the heck out of that. Plus... the blog already takes up a good bit of time, and if I have too many excuses to put it off while still on DM I know I'll continue to stress out at the last second too often :P


I might get more active again in the future, and either way I have had a tremendous time in the Black Tower and I hope my semi-departure doesn't make any of you too sad (I kinda get the feeling it won't lol)

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