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50 Questions for Smiley73

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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1. which do you like better - hiking, or sitting in fron of the computer?


2. was it co-ed?


3. what did you learn?


4. why didn;t you have any watermelon?


5. did the people who had the watermelon get drunk or was it just a big waste of time and energy? or all of the above?

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1. Usually hiking, its just different but my answer would be very different if I was doing something exciting on my computer (read COD)

2. No I go to a boys only school, but damn some people were getting desperate for females

3. Downhills don't like me (will explain later once I open another thread)

4. I don't drink alcohol + watermelons are HEAVY

5. No watermelon this year, but alcohol in non-alcohol was around in small quantities


6. No tents WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too heavy to hike around with

7. Three days of food at a time and no wayer, there was lots of water running around

8. Only when I wasn't hiking and was indoors

9. made my own meals everyday (as in cook/ pour stuff in bowls/ put stuff on bread)

10. I spent 5 nights camping on hikes, 3 nights indoors at a basecamp, 3 nights under a big tent and 4 nights in base camps but under the stars (15 nights in total)


11. sorry no complete breakdown of society

12. No but there were marshmallows sometimes

13. Yes, we got from 100 bottles of beer on the wall all the way to 0 and then other songs like eye of the tiger, because I got high etc.

14. Everyone in my 12 man group got through the entire hike

15. For myself - scratches, bruises and (small) blisters and some skin off my hand but nothing serious, there were 14 people who were taken off the epic though for a time or for the entire thing for all sorts of things (dehydration, heat stroke, falling of a 30m abseil [only bruising], sprained/twisted ankles, spider bites)

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16 How much longer before anyone else asks questions here?


17 Is this hike something you do every year?


18 Was it part of the normal school year or was it over a break?


19 Did you filter the water or just drink it.


20 What was the hardest part about the hike?

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16. 15 million and 6 years exactly

17. Every year it is done by the grade 10's at my school so I won't be doing it next year

18. normal part of school, we write exams early then go off hiking

19. no filtering, most of the stuff comes out of mountains springs and is filtered out through there or by plants or whatever, really is probably the best water I have ever had

20. The hiking wasn't particualarly hard but I guess it was getting along with the group of people your thrown together with


EDIT: ignore my previous questions you may ask away, I don't mind if you ask more than 50 either, there is quite a lot to cover

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