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Infinity Blade: Awakening

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so imagine my surprise when i scanned my copie of Game Informer this month and saw an article mentioning Brandon Sanderson!!


heres a link to his blog page about this My link




basically, this Novella is based off the "Infinity Blade" game series. personally, this makes me want to check out the game series :laugh: anyone had a chance to read the novella or play the games?

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The games are easily the best games you'll find on the iOS platform.


It's built on the Unreal Engine which is one of the most heavily licensed engines out there for both console and PC games. The combat is a blast (mostly focused on timing your blocks, evades, parries and strikes by swiping the touch screen. Surprisingly challenging and actually takes skill to master). The story is also rather good although obviously faces certain limitations without extensive voice acting and how much content can possibly be put into an iOS game.


As a game it easily matches the standard set by most console or PC games on every front excepting length and content, but then again it also costs a fraction of a "AAA" title. In fact the game (the first one) started its development cycle as a kinect game for the Xbox 360 but switched sometime during development to the iOS platform.


If you've got an iOS device (not sure if it's available on any other smartphones) then it's really a must buy.

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