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Approved bio for Aishra Lihnshaw--CC'ed by Warders


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Basic Information:

Handle: Aishra

Full Names of WT Characters: Non currently active, retired or dead

Contact email:


Character Information:

Name: Aishra Lihnshaw


Age: 15

Country: Andor



Hair: Curly, blond, mid-back length

Eyes: Light Blue

Skin: Fair

Height: 5”4

Voice: Mid ranged voice

Other: She would prefer to wear boys breeches and shirts



Special Skills: Skilled with knives and is very flexible, using this in her hand to hand fighting skills.

Knowledge Weakness: She’s not well educated and does poorly in Math and Philosophy

Physical Weakness: Cannot swim

Personality Weakness: Pride, over confidence and stubbornness.


Personality: Aishra is proud and stubborn. She can be head strong at times and passionate. She is very goal oriented, looking for ways to advance her own desires and uses and/or manipulates anyone she can. She is sneaky and clever, reading between the lines and seeing the hidden meaning in things. She does become very protective of the people she cares for, few as those people may be.


Bio: Aishra was the third child born in a family of four children. She was born in a small village in Andor that bordered Cairhien. Her mother was the apprentice to the village wisdom and her father was a fairly decent blacksmith. When Aishra was four years old a deadly illness struck her little village. At first, the village wisdom and Aishra’s mother, Shalinda, were able to contain the illness, but when the Wisdom died from the disease the village quickly deteriorated, killing nearly everyone including her father and her two older siblings. Fleeing the sickness, Shalinda took what savings she had and fled with Aishra and her baby brother to Caemlyn to start a new life.


In Caemlyn the family found refuge with an herb healer, who agreed to let Shalinda and the children live in her house and work in her shop as compensation. With her mother either working or taking care of Erid, her baby brother, Aishra was left to her own devices. She became a street kid, a thief, stealing what she needed to survive or whatever else was in her grasp. As she grew older Aishra became a better thief, clever and swift. She developed her own fighting style by fighting other street kids, and she quickly learned her way around a knife. She was rarely caught and when she was she could sometimes talk her way out of trouble. Other times she was smacked around by the shop owner or vender. Over time Aishra became over confident in her abilities, and it was this over confidence that landed her in the White Tower.


When she was fifteen Aishra encountered two finely dressed women sitting on a fountain in the Outer City, fully submerged in their conversation. Focusing on their purses and not their faces, Aishra thought it a fine opportunity to steal what she assumed would be a few gold coins. She approached the two women silently, cut the thin rope of one of the purses, grabbed the purse, turned to run and found that she could not move. She was levitated into the air and slowly turned to face the two women who were Aes Sedai. They punished her in the middle of the street, but when they were finished the elder of the two Aes Sedai suddenly produced a small jewel and asked Aishra to look into it. Time seemed to be slip away and what seemed like hours to Aishra actually passed in a few seconds. Aishra was informed that she could learn to channel if she agreed to accompany them to the White Tower in Tar Valon and enrol as a Novice. Aishra agreed to this and within a few days Aishra was on her way to become a novice at the White Tower.

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