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Approved Seanchan bio for Ahtuk - CC'd by the WT

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Name: Ahtuk

Age: 35

Email: Belalshallshatterthewitchtower@gmail.com

Division: Seanchan

Subdivision: Warriors


Physical Description: Ahtuk's skin is a weathered tan, his black hair secured tightly by ligatures. His eyes nondescript brown; his jawline square and firm; his nose flat and his teeth filed and pointed. He stands at six feet, roughly, with a broad and powerful build. His body is also covered with a mass of battle scars, tribal markings and the same double dao tattoo facing downward tattoo on the back of his right shoulder that adorns his rescuer, mentor and friend, Jia Mingzhu.


Origin: A tribesman from the Kaensada Hills in Seanchan




Ahtuk was born the son of a powerful barbarian chieftain Border raids, skirmishes and war were daily affairs, part of the life of a warrior. At a young age men picked up their weapons for the first time, even though they were barely old enough to walk. It was a simple life, the warriors hunted and battled, the children dreamed of blood, battle, and glory; waiting for their ascent to manhood, so they too could carve a name for themselves in the burial places of their ancestors.


Ahtuk was a typical Chieftain's son. Brave. Strong. Taught the rigours of command and leadership in preparation for the day he would make his bid to succeed his father. As soon as he was able, he followed his tribe into battle with customary ferocity and intent.


Life would have continued by the kill or kill ethos, had he not slipped down a ravine while hunting. When he regained consciousness night had fallen. He was dizzy and disorientated, and the darkness, combined with his befuddlement, rendered him unable to make his way back to his village, and so he wandered aimlessly until morning: only to be set upon then by a group of optimistic brigands bent on ransoming him back to his father.


He fought savagely, but their numbers, and their strange confusing fighting style rendered his ferocity useless, and after a few nasty cuts and bruises, he found himself securely bound and gagged. After a several hour journey lying over the rump of a horse, and then a brief scuffle as an Imperial patrol met up with the brigands and questioned them most heartily as to why he was tied up, and just where they were taking him, he found himself rescued. The leader responsible for his rescue was Senior File Leader Jia Mingzhu.


After such an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the brigands, and his rescue by the hands of the Imperials, Ashtuk felt compelled to honour his debt to this army and join their ranks. It seemed like a simple enough decision. He went home to relate to his father his defeat, and his discovery of this superior fighting technique. With consent he joined.


His age marked twenty-two summers when he became a raw recruit. Barbarian blood lust coursed through his veins, thoughts, and decisions and as such his progress in this foreign and strict army was slow. Too slow. He was assigned to the banner of the same woman who had rescued him, Jia Mingzhu, and It took him three times as long to learn and retain his lessons. This shamed and galled him, further restraining his progression. With the aid of his Banner Captain, he eventually learned to open his mind to strategy and calculation. It was difficult.


The disappearance of Jia Mingzhu struck him hard. Struck them all hard. No one seemed to know where she went. She had simply vanished. Soon to be followed by Lilune Zarvayas, another member of Jia's company. He had known them for only a small time, but that small time had been fraught with battle and glory, the two things that made life worth living. He searched for them as much as he could, but his low rank was not sufficient to recieve answers. Finally accepting, Ahtuk had a tattoo of remembrance placed upon the back of his right shoulder. His heart told him that their disappearances were related, and portentous . . . but he had to be careful, lest he also 'disappear.'


After ten years of grueling struggle and perseverance he was finally promoted to the rank of banner man. He wished he could have celebrated his promotion with Jia, and during his promotion ceremony he felt her absence keenly. All he could do was toast her in solitude. Eventually the daily duties of his new appointment quashed his feeling of loss. Though Ahtuk wears the Imperial Seal upon his uniform, his animal nature lurks barely checked beneath the surface. Frightening and unpredictable he carries the respect of his men . . . and a measure of their fear.

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