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Approved Seanchan bio for Lilune [Band Stamp]


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Character Name: Lilune Zarvayas

Age : 28

Email address : Hingstman@gmail.com

Division : Seanchan

Subdivision : Seekers for Truth

Physical Description : At 5'8" Lilune doesn't stand out in a crowd. She has an athletic build, but that isn't a strange thing in Seandar either. Her black hair is cut short, in the style of a soldier or perhaps a busy merchant. Her face might draw some eyes to it. She has delicate features. Someone ence remarked that she bore a resemblance with a member of the blood, which Lilune mocked that person for. Her eyes are a pale blue that is quite common in Alqam, from which her family originated before moving to Seandar to be near the centre of power. Though most would describe her as at least moderately handsome, none of her features are really remarkable. She blends in well.



Place of Birth/Raising : Lilune was born in Seandar, in a moderately sized house, as close to the imperial home as merchants of her parents rank could get.



Character History : As a child Lilune was always reminded to walk straight, and bow deep when necessary. Her family had moved to Seandar two generations ago, and since that day their wealth had grown. They weren't in the upper echelons yet, but they had good hope that soon one of their children would be accepted as so'jhin. Lilune's mother had those hopes for Lilune. She was a pleasant child to look at. Not too pretty, but certainly not repulsive either. This meant that Lilune's days were filled with a lot of etiquette study. By the time she was ten, Lilune could not only read and write, she also knew at least a dozen ways to bow to a member of the Blood, and a dozen more ways to appear meek while also appearing determined.


Lilune's father spent little time at home, always working to better the position of his family. He traded with the families that traded with the empire. Lilune grew up without her father's strong hand to guide and restrain her. When Lilune turned fourteen, the effects of that started to show. Meekly yet with undeniable determination, she informed her mother that she would join the imperial army, with the aim to become a death watch guard to the imperial family. Before her mother could talk her out of it, she had already packed her bags and enlisted. She was one of the youngest soldier trainees present, but as always, she was determined to succeed.


It was around this time that she set out on the path that determined her future. She befriended another young rising star in the army. Jia Mingzhu became more than just her friend, she was her mentor and acted as an older sibling. Under the wing of Jia Mingzhu, Lilune improved as a soldier. She eyed the death watch guards with envy, wondering when the day would come when she and Jia would bear the raven tattoos as well. That day did come for one of them, but not for the other. One day Jia just… disappeared. Lilune was numbed by the sudden disappearance of her friend, and numbed even more when the high command installed a new senior bannerman in her place, without even the smallest hint about Jia's location.


Determined to find the truth, Lilune set out on a search for her friend. She asked questions where she could, and listened when the asking of questions became to dangerous. What she heard didn't give her much hope. Jia's name had been erased from all records. She had seemingly ceased to exist. That could only mean one thing. Before she could confirm this, Lilune was contacted by a different organisation. Through their listeners, the seekers of the truth had discovered that Lilune had a talent for uncovering the truth, and doing so discretely. Within the next day she was accepted as a seeker trainee. With this new purpose in mind Lilune soon pushed the thoughts of her friend and mentor out of her mind. She had been removed from the records, and for the longest time it seemed as though Lilune had managed to remove her from her heart as well.


Three years later Lilune was promoted to Seeker for the Truth. She had beamed with pride when the ravens and the towers were tattooed on her shoulders. With the marks still fresh and aching on her shoulders, she wandered out onto the streets, carelessly. No one noticed her, save for perhaps a few who noticed how content she looked. Short hair, average height, not overly pretty, but certainly not repulsive either. She blended in with the crowds perfectly.


Ten years later Lilune still fulfils her tasks with pride. She is good at what she does, uncovering the truth, at times with brute force, and at times with a gentle hand. It is rumoured that a promotion is at hand, but Lilune doesn't look that far ahead yet. First things first. The return. Lilune has requested to be allowed to join it, to keep the darkness from the sinful continent at bay.

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