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Welcome Matrim Hat-rim to the Black Tower everyone!


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We got a new recruit folks! Looks like this guy has already embraced the loving hold of the Taint, so everyone give him a proper Black Tower welcome and help make him feel at home!


Matrim, you'll soon be getting a pm from one of our group staff letting you know more about us, but in the meantime go ahead and explore the Tower grounds a bit and introduce yourself. Someone will come by with some tainted brownies shortly, feel free to load up on those :biggrin:

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Welcome to the crazy Black Tower Mattie!! I am a storm Leader of the Shadow Faction. If you have any questions about anything here feel free to ask and I or another of our loony group will help you out.


Explore away. Hopefully you will get added to the private boards soon. Until then, explore about to your hearts content.

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Every time I see the letters A and H next to each other now (even lower case) or if I even see the word "heart" I think someone is talking to or about me.... Even reading it in context.... even if I'm typing it!!!! :P


Anyway back on topic


IT IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!


This is going to be fun *runs of to the WK to scheme with Nyanpup*


Hey Turin, remember when your welcome thread?


Seems like so long ago......

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Are you the Mat that is Nyanna's little brother? Oh, this is gonna be fun



Ohhhhh YES!!!! *evil grin* :baalzamon:




Maybe you can be the Black Tower's Screaming Soldier :myrddraal:


Also, get some brownies, enjoy em while they're fresh. The Taint will do the rest :wink:



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Matty, stoppit!!! That sounds horrible, not at all pro - you can be Wailing. Or Screeching.

*feels evil* Or Ululating, since your voice is still changing. :tongue::baalzamon:



Nya's little bro.




*scribbles feverishly* Shhh... sibling rivalry or what!!??? :biggrin:






*edit: quickly copyrights the Screaming. Just in case :tongue:

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