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This is the end (if you want it)


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Well, it's taken me some time to get this recorded, edited (poorly), and UPLOADED (something like 5 or 6 tries?), but it's finally here....the first of hopefully a few YouTube videos I made with my brother, who is going on a mission tomorrow. I've wanted to do this for a while, but we were procrastinating; if he wasn't leaving, we probably wouldn't have done this even now. XD


Anyway, this first video is a cover of "(If You Want It)" by Relient K. We had a hard time with it; I think we both hear the song differently in our heads, so throughout the course of each attempt we'd kind of drift out of sync with each other. Plus we didn't have a good, quiet place to go record. Dinner was being prepared mere feet away from my laptop while we practiced and recorded.


So yeah.... If we were trying to do a serious piece of music I don't think I'd put this up; I'd want to take tons more time to practice and get it perfect and also find more ideal conditions for video-making. XD But I think we did a pretty good job and it was fun, and that's what matters. Plus, I hope this kickstarts more videos on my part from now on. XD








We'll be doing some Christmas music later; not sure I'll get those up before he leaves, but they'll be up this week, I hope. This should be much easier than (If You Want It). XD

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Thank you, Tina! :smile:


Yes, that song was much harder than we thought it would be. If we have time to make at least one video of Christmas music before he leaves, it should sound a lot better because Christmas music is something that all of us know really well. XD I'm glad it came together in the end and wasn't too hard to listen to the whole time. :laugh:




My family just couldn't stand being left out while we were making videos. :wink:

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Then you should force them to sing next time too. :biggrin:

*rubs hands together* I think I like that idea.... :wink:




I thought you got better as the song went on, and like Tina said, you do have a lovely voice :)


The end made me laugh :laugh:

Thank you! :happy:

I want to put together a blooper reel; we had tons of fun moments while attempting to record the song. XD I think it'll be hilarious. My brother is such a comedian. At one point he was singing a made-up song about moody teenagers. XD


Get a microphone! Rerecord! Get big on youtube!

And a studio... XD Seriously jealous of all those youtubers who have the funds to make seriously nice videos. Oh yeah, that's why I need a job. XD :dry:


*snuggles* Thanks. :laugh:

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