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    • Nah. Coprorations and printform media can totally be #fakenews. (Hence I why name bombed Inquirer.. But I don't think even they take themselves that seriously.) It's just that with the billion #fakenews websites out there, requiring more than one person to publish articles and stories in an industry that you hope self-checks itself against falsehoods and holds some form of journalistic integrity, that they might be a bit more trustworthy, than a rando-website setup in your mother's basement trying to pass off twitter articles or homeopathic/antivax propaganda as real news.   Hence when you said Spanish Right Wing papers = Nationalists, perhaps? But if the same stories are coming out of NYT  & WP chances are the facts are the similar, just the interpretation differs. Often #fakenews sites, make up their own facts, and claim that no one else is reporting this... When they are.   I'm more concerned with #fakenews networks like this. (Clearly this isn't a racist nationalist fake news site, just a Christian one) https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/africa/item/31824-silent-slaughter-media-quiet-as-muslims-kill-hundreds-of-christians-in-nigeria   One of the articles on this particular subject within that network of news sites, named Dropped the Fulani as Muslim Terrorists and the other Group of Nigerian farmers as Christians. It mentioned a specific X number of people killed and attributed that to the Fulani. When researching further, that exact number were in fact Fulani killed by the Farmers, and that, that conflict is two sided against farmers & herders that has been ongoing.. for generations? and always peaks during elections. Here's some background on the conflict in general. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-36139388
    • It is from the first book when they are crossing the river to leave Two Rivers. 
    • I used 56 years & JFK for a very specific reason. Do you not remember some of the most common attacks against JFK was precisely because of his being Catholic? Concerns of the Pope?  Seems to me, that the Republican party still thinks all 3 of those should disqualify you for the office of POTUS. Not reading my bias into your argument, rather the bias of several of the newer conservative Judges that are probably going to say "**** it, I do what I want."   Can you point out where exactly the constitution defines what a Person is? Whether Embryonic Cells, or even a Fetus are a 'person'?   Clearly, you haven't been reading up on your conservative anti-choice game plan enacted across the country.   They're passing their Religious Law across the country in the hopes that the Supreme Court will rule in Favor of Christian Sharia Law.
    • Economic side of things yes, but you're forgetting that many artists don't personally profit from their works. (specially online). Many go the route of open licensing that allows anyone to use their work, so long as they acknowledge that they did the work. Effectively you're saying that if an artist doesn't seek to  profit from their work, and you come along and steal it, That's fine. Because there was no economic harm.   And again, the laws have not been updated to reflect technology.   This is why I brought up a photo album. It exists as a physical object in your home.  It is implied that photo album does not leave that house.  That I may view it and it's contents, but those contents do not leave that house without your express consent. The fact that there exists technology, that I can simply scan the photos, or take pictures of those photos with the glasses I wear, and then distribute them, against your wishes is why said laws probably need to be updated to reflect technology. That perhaps it should be codified in law that personal pictures are private unless verbally or writtenly expressed otherwise?
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