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[LIGHT VS SHADOW]: Masquerade ball!

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Light vs Shadow - The showdown!






Fireworks lit up the sky as the gateway opened in front of the expectant crowd. The M`Hael stepped out. After some ahhhhs and ohhhhhs the crowd went silent. M`Hael eyed the crowed. On her sides the asha´mans where lined up, good looking as usual in their black uniforms. In front of her stood a strange mix of people and creatures. Aiel with spears in their hands, wolfs who stared at a group of trollocs and some merry men in tights. Right behind the crowed stood a group of women with shawls around their shoulders. They looked confident. Maybe they wouldn´t have if they had seen the black cat sitting in the tree watching them while sharpening her claws. The M`Hael smiled.


Welcome to the Black Tower and the Light vs Shadow - The showdown! I´m happy that you have decided to visit us. For the next two weeks there will be a lot of fun and crazy activities. As soon as the threads are up you will see links to all of them here. Let me tell you a little about the Black Tower. The Black Tower is all about having fun, play games and spam! After some time in here you will notice that you feel, ehm, different. Don´t worry, it´s just the taint. Don´t try to fight it. Let it sink into you and greet it like an old friend... As she said so she noticed a woman hanging upside down in the tree. Ithi? Ooops. Well, some people are more easily influenced by the taint then others. Please tell the woman to climb down. That tree is not one you want to hang in, trust me. A thud made everyone look towards the big tower. Right! It would be wise to wear polka dot umbrellas while you are here. Ayla still haven´t figured out how to fly...


The Black Tower is divided into two factions. As soon as the Civies earn the rank of Soldiers they can chose one of these factions. It´s the Faction of the Light and the Faction of the Shadow. The members of the different factions mostly get a long quite well but it´s hard to completely hide the rivalry. We are here to train for the Last Battle after all. The following weeks will be dedicated to the different aspects of Light and Shadow. Enjoy yourselves, have fun and go crazy. There will be brownies for everyone. May the taint be with you!



Heroes and villains mafia game


One Power Tournament


Hangman with a twist


What faction does your soul belong to?


Wheel of Fortune

RP Battle


Film discussion

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The Black Tower Theme Weeks has come to an end. I would like to thank everyone for two great weeks with a lot of activities and participation. And spam of course... I´m happy that the taint has caught us some new crazy friends too. :baalzamon:


Now - time to party!



Light vs Shadow - The masquerade ball!



Totally by her own choice M´Hael welcomes you in this outfit:




Yeh, you don´t mess with Icy!



Find your own Lightie/Shadowy/Hero/Villain costume and join the party.


There will of course be a lot of food (this is the BT after all where you can´t get one page of spam without mentioning food):









Drinks are on Maw as usual:









And tainted brownies!!!







And there will of course be party music. Talya has been honored to choose the first song:





Again - Welcome!

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Leelou enters the ball.




She grabs 2 glasses of punch and mingles with her sister waiting for other guests to arrive.


Hands Tina a glass of punch. What lovely decorations, sister. And the food looks excellent.

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Thank you.


What about a Bloody Mary?



That'll do. Thanks *drinks* Ahhh, just the way I like it with real blood. *crunches celery* Excellent.


This party looks realy happening. Great Job.

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