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welcome Crimson Ayla!

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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enjoy teh spam, enjoy the brownies, and huzzah!


please to eat as many of these delightfully super tainted unofficially bootlegged brownies as you can stomach to ensure full taint uploading.


you will shortly receive a pm... well, maybe longly... things get a bit pokey around these parts when the humans have lives...


but anyhoo, you will receive official welcomes when you receive them.


but for now, please to enjoy our unofficial spamming of your arrival, and tell us about yourself, so that your initial madness level can be guaged accurately.


oh, the brownies are neverending, so don't fasch yourself if some get swiped. there are always more.


and once more, welcome!

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Hiya Ayla! welcome to the Black Tower. Where the Brownies are Tainted and everybody is cazy. Look around, join in the madness, One of the muckety muks will be sending you a PM and getting you access to the Taintier boards as soon as they have had their kaf.


Don't fear, that is for the weak.


Tell us about you

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you will find several math lovers well steeped in taint for your enjoyment. see out leyrann and locke most especially. for stuff, just go checking out every thread and have some stuff and say some stuff. we all like stuff.


if you're cold... eat more brownies, and have some tained hot cocoa to go with.

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Welcome to the Black Tower! I´m the M´Hael aka GGM aka Faction Leader of the Shadow. I see you have settled in already. We need more tainted Europeans around this place. *nods*


If you have any questions please ask away.

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