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[Gig Review] Def Leppard Heart and Choirboys @ Sydney, Australia - October 20, 2010


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OK so last night I hit the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney NSW Australia to hear Choirboys, an australian band from the 80s Heart, an american band going strong for the last 3 decades and the mighty Def Leppard!!


Overall it was a great gig. Choirboys led off with 5 songs includeing their 2 best "boys will be Boys' and the classic "Run to Paradise" They were pretty good. Not much light show but solid. Give them a 4 outta 10




Then it was Heart. This was their first tour down under and they were the ones i REALLY wanted to see. You could immeadiately tell the difference. The light show started, the sound was better all those sort of things. Add the soaring voice of Ann Wilson belting out classics like Barracuda, These dreams and what about love and youve got a great gig on your hands. Then they hit us with my fav... It surprised me that they were a 6 piece band 3 guys (drums guitar and a local bass player) and three women (keys guitar/backup vocal and vocals with a flute in one song. well for this one the boys got told to get in the kitchen and the girls hit us with an acoustic version of the mighty ballad "Alone" BEAUTIFUL!! they did one encore song. The only strange thing is they did NOT play "all i wanna do is make love to you" their biggest hit in australia...very strange and dissapointing. But it was great over all

Loved it 7/10


Then the lights go off..Suddenly these big rectangular screens at the back of stage comne to life and DEf Leppard hits us with "Undefeated" a song id never heard but instantly liked. They played a few songs from their 83 album pyromaniac plus all their big hits like Rocket, Lets get rocked and pour some sugar on me. If you like guitar and even BASS solos you gotta go see them. then came hysteria and rock of ages. during one of these (not sure which) their was a major drum solo. Now for those younglings among u the drummer in this band only has one arm thanks to a car accident years ago he uses a specialised kit with lots of foot pedals to make up for it. Now hes about as good a drummer as ive seen so i can only imagine what he would be like with two arms!! so this solo...the lights go off and the only light is the silver one coming out of the drum kit in time with what he is doing. It gets so fast and bright that to me it looked like the kit was actually moving up and down the stairs it was set on top of. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


David lee roth knows how to work a crowd and we got told that if we sang along for two acoustic songs one being the lovely two steps behind then we could say we were members of DEF LEPPARD!! so yes i am a member now :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


Overall the gig was fantastic, We had gresat seats but there really werent any BAD ones, the sound was loud and clear tho sometimes it was hard to make out some of what ann was singing and the vibe was great. the only bad bit is i am now aware of just how old i am getting!! It rerally was a crowd of 30 yrs +

Great gig 9/10 and thats only cause there were some songs i dont know but their visuals get a 20 on their own. The screens at the back did different things for lets get rocked you saw the video clip for photograph u saw all sorts of photos of the band old and new and at other times beautiful patterns


Also they have to be the only band that has a guy in it for 20 yrs yet he is still referred to as the new guy lol


AS for the entertainment centre its a great venue and i am stocked that my next concert is there. Im going to roxette in feb. 10/10 tho i saw something i thought id never see...a line up for the MENS toilet lmao.


So that was it, if you get the chance to see these guys grab it!!


Oh btw if i was you id search for "youre the voice by John Farnham listen to it ehn search the same song but by Heart. It is MADE for her voice!!




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Glad you had fun Dicey! I saw Pink at the EC in 09 and it was great all over. The acoustics etc are fantastic it really is a good venue. I do have to say though I'd rather The Enmore though for intimacy. Since I was standing 2m away from Joel from Eskimo Joe (omg... hottie tottie!). LOL... I'll do my review on them when his Corkiness adds me back to the bands private boards, I don't want too much work for him to do for me!


Oh and hi Senexx!!!

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ewwwww acdc! cant stand more then 3 of their songs thinks its heriditary too lol 2 summers ago me and the kids stayed in a caravan park down the coast and for some reason accadacca was on the radio all the time. M y eldest 13 at the time hated them but now knows virtually every acdc song before its 3 bars in lmao!

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