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Rekinu Alasayar - Tower Guard, WS 7-> 9

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Weapons Score 0 to 2: Complete 1 Reqs
Name of Req: Arrival Thread
Arrival to the Shining City
Rekinu Arrives to the WT, trains with Visar to ascertain his WS level

Weapons Score 2 to 3
Name of Req: Wilderness Survival
Wilderness Survival
Rekinu, Torvus, and Tris go for some Wilderness Training with Jasen. In progress.

Is that Better? The Thread that you put up on Reporting Official Reports was most helpful!

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Edit: Do you know how to bold and italicize text? There's the shortcut buttons on your toolbar.


But that's nitpicking. That matches the format pretty closely so that works ok with me!

It just looks really nice when the title's bolded and the rp info is italicized, that's all.


You're starting with WS 2, so your thread title (which you can edit) should read,

Rekinu Alasayar - Trainee, WS 2>3


Carry on from there and post your next req thing here!

Edited by Visar Falmaien
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