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Daniel Orshin - Trainee WS 5 to 6


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Weapons Score X to X: Complete X Reqs


Name of Req: Arrival thread complete.

Title of the RP Loosing oneself only to be found. complete


Daniel has arrived at the tower to follow in his fathers footsteps. He is well on his way to becoming a warder.

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Hey Otpelk! Good to have you with us!


You're started as Weapon Skill 2. Carry on here with further requirements that you complete!

Format will follow:

Weapon Skill 2 to 3: Complete 1 Req

And you can edit your subject line as you go to help you/us keep track (Daniel Orshin - Trainee, WS 2->3)



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Looks good! Elective works for the title too (I think sword had asked about that, I told him evaluation would work as the elective/choice, but elective works too for now. I don't care about the req title THAT much lol.


Carry on, good sir knight :P You are approved for 3,

So you're now 3>4

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