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you do understand, ley, that harassing me by threatening to abuse your non existent power because you don't approve of which faction i joined might annoy the OL as well?


and you also understand that if you harass me enough, and someone with actual authority backs you on it, i'd just leave instead of staying where i'm not enjoying myself?


but you'll still be able to spam all you want, so if that's what you're looking for from a social group, enjoy it. :myrddraal:


sorry poet. kittehs are sometimes.

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Now, now children...lets all play nicely (with claws of course) biggrin.gif


*joins in the group hug and grabs Ley in with it* don't be so touchy! Chill!


I think we need some tainted brownies to get the spirit flowing again!


If cindy leaves we will all just have to stalk her...simples! ;)


*lays out numerous plates of Tainted Brownies!*

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