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Who's the HOTTEST WoT character?


"Hot Like Sauce"  

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  1. 1. Of THESE choices, who's HOTTER?

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Guest PiotrekS

Aviendha without any doubt - as was said above, she has both looks and personality. There is just something about her...

Close second would be Berelain, for the same reasons -and I also like that she annoys our puritan Two Rivers girls, especially Egwene :tongue:

Elayne and Nynaeve are hot too. And Lanfear.And Min. And Morgase, Melaine...

There are quite a lot of hot women in WOT, it would seem :wink:

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Halima??? From the top of my head, the three women who are 'breath taxingly' beautiful are Halima, Berelain, and Lanfear...


But I'd vote for Mat...



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All great answers. And trying to come to a general consensus wasnt really the point of the thread, and I apologize if I made it sound that way. But we cant really know because we only have descriptions, not pictures. And even then its just opinion.


But just seeing who people would chose, and why, was the real test. You can tell a few things about someone depending on who they would chose, and why they would chose them.


And you cant take sexuality out of these books. Fantasy books can be written for children or teenagers far too often. And fantasy novels are often looked down apon by some people as childish, or child-like. But I like how Jordan makes sexuality a large part of the novels, the story, and interactions between characters. This series is the greatest fantasy series for, in my opinion, the more mature themes which are actually more realisitic of how the stories would play out if they were real. In fact, if this world truely existed the way it does, with men and women weilding such great power, HUGE EGOs and sexuality would indeed come into play.

We cant take the obvious emphasis placed on sexuality and appearance from the series, therefore I believe its a topic of great importance for any Wheel of Time discussion.


Thanks for the replies, now Im gonna go answer the MALE version of this thread.

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The hottest character? Depends. If you mean pure physical beauty then Lanfear was described as such. Probably Galad on the other side. If you mean who would I most want to get involved with (so personality and looks are both relavant) then Min. She's very loving, and the description sounded hot. Plus I have a thing for women who are strong, outgoing and "tomboyish" yet still distinctively feminine. Min fits that to a tee. :biggrin:

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No Riselle? General Yamada never had a chance... Morgase is another one for consideration I'd say. She even has the advantage of slowing from her small ability to channel.


But just from how everyone reacts to seeing her, it would have to be Lanfear. I think the line that swayed me is Mat thinking 'She makes Elayne look like a cringer'

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I suppose I can vote in this thread, too, since I like women as well as men.


Graendal, I think, wins the hotness award. That's just my opinion. Lanfear probably runs a close second, but Graendal is voluptuous and yummy, whereas Lanfear is described as being tiny and delicate-looking (he says he could put both hands around her waist. That's pretty small). Plus, Lanfear's behavior towards LTT is kind of like a 16-year-old and her first boyfriend or something. Graendal seems a little more mature.


As for the good guys, I think Min is pretty hot. Nynaeve is, too, but she seems kind of untouchable. Tylin get several points at least... I picture Tuon as really hot, too.

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I voted for Lanfear until I read a bit further down and someone mentioned Min. There's an internal beauty that makes a woman hot. Like someone said.. Min if you DON'T like bat crazy. lol


Not that I'd vote for her, but where is Morraine on the poll? :wink:

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For men, my answer is Mazrim Taim, hands-down. "....a physically powerful man, with something of a Warder's deadly grace. Shadows seemed to follow him as though half the lamps in the room had gone out. Not real shadows, but an air of imminent violence that seemed palpable enough to soak up the light. Taim radiated danger the way a fire gave heat." 'Nuff said.


Closely following the M'Hael are Logain Ablar, Moridin, Demandred, and Mat. 


I largely prefer men, but I still think Birgitte and Aviendha are hot (although Birgitte is the only female WoT character I consistently like as a person). Also Min, to a degree. Nynaeve strikes me as being more beautiful than "hot," TBH, but I like her, too.

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