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...and I wasn't even being chased! O_o



So, I ran my first ever race this past weekend. It was only a 5k (3.1 miles), but to me it was a freakin' marathon. I had never ran that far before, but my main goal was to finish the race without stopping to walk. And I didn't stop! I was actually so excited when I saw the finish line, that I started sprinting....it was a total adrenaline rush!


So, I'm totally into running now. Already going to run another race on October 30th, and maybe in early December. The long-term goal now is a race called the Blessing of the Fleet next July. I'll need all the time I can get, because that one is a whopping 10 miles. At that point, I'd be able to run a 1/2 marathon (13 miles). I have a few friends who are also doing it, so I should be able to maintain my focus. I'm going to a specialty running store today to pick up sneakers meant for my running gait. Stoked!



Anybody else like to run?

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someone had to say it. you can't leave a thing like that quivering in anticipation.


i grew up in NY, and every time they had the marathon, i just thought, don't these people know about taxis?


sigh. just be careful, and wear proper shoes. you have no idea how much the things you do in your 30s can hurt in your 40s.

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I hate running unless it's part of a sport with objectives other than getting from A to B as fast as possible.





Also, Verb, you should check out Vibrams; it's like running barefoot (which is much better for you (and promotes better form/longer lasting knees) than running with sneakers). When you run barefoot you use muscles you don't normally utilize with shoes and you're more likely to run on your balls of your feet (as nature intended) rather than your heels (which is incredibly bad for your knees, back, and feet).


Just some advice if you're so inclined.

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also, go with the synvisc injections as long as you can, cause they really have not perfected the TKRs yet.


and if you would like a consult with a podiatrist, orthopedist, or neurologist for the inevitable head injury (you gonna run, you eventually gonna go boom, ouch, sorry), just let me know.






*calls a cab for Verby in case he thinks better of the whole adrenaline fueled business*

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Wait, Verbal, you're not trying to become a bucket of lard anymore? Why give up your dreams man?


This summer I've trained myself to be able to run 5k, and by next summer I hope to be able to run 10. I used to always hate running, but I've found that it is an easy way to work out and just spend time getting lost in thought (it is unfamiliar territory).


I intend to try out barefoot running eventually, once I have the money for the shoes, but it is not something you can just jump into. Some of the muscles used for barefoot are actually not used much at all in modern society, with shoes and all, and have actually atrophied. To start barefoot running you might run for 10 minutes and have incredibly sore legs for the next week afterwards. I've heard that all the benefits of it are worth it though, so I do intend to try it out once I've got the money for the appropriate shoes.


And Nyn, everyone is built for running if they have the motivation. I can recommend a really good starter program for non-runners that I used this summer quite successfully.

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