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Epic story time


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Alright here's my idea we are going to tell an epic story whether it be a rescue story or failed rescue story whatever fits youre wants.

One person will start a story with one line like. once upon a time two warlords plotted on how to kidnap the king of brackin. then the next person would insert a line like "They marched into the city under the cover of nightfall, and made it to the front gates of the castle.

And so on each person will enter a line that makes the story funny or awesome, until somebody feels that the story is complete and says the end.you can add wheel of time twists where wanted


i will start one day a prince fell into a hole in the ground to discover a huge underground cavern with various paths, seeing no way to climb out he started his search through the cave system for a way out.



Not real sure if anybody will like this idea just thought id give it a try

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(This sounds like a lot of fun actually, I wish I would have had more time to post in this earlier!)


He walked for a time down one path, until he reached a fork, in an almost cliche way. Both were dark, but one had a faint light very far into it, and he thought he could hear faint sounds of movement. Drawing his sword just in case, he slowly moved down that path.

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The path narrowed to the point where, if attacked, he would have barely any room to swing his sword. The light up ahead was flickering, throwing strange shadows against the walls up ahead. As drew nearer to the light he saw that the path ended in what looked to be another cavern. He crouched down, all senses on alert.....

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