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BT Bio - Jureal - CC'd by Freelanders

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: (Otpelk Cainam

Contact Info: Gmarasco@knology.net

Character Count: 1st


Character Name: Jureal

Nationality: Aiel

Age: 18

Physical Characteristic: Red hair, Emerald green eyes, 6’4” tall and weighs 245lbs

Physical Description: Bronze skinned with traditional hair. Has a scar of two puncture marks on his left cheek from being bitten by a red adder as a small child that nearly killed him. Also on his shoulder he has a scar shaped like a triangle from a crossbow bolt.


Personal History: Jureal grew up much like any other Aiel child. He was the son of the wise one (who was a dream walker and who could channel) of his hold. When he was a small boy of about seven he was playing with his friends and fell next to a Red Adder which struck him in his left cheek. His mother frantically worked to save his life and did so just barely. During the first week after he was bitten he was in and out of consciousness.


The next few years he grew into a tall and strong young Aiel. He trained to be a warrior like all the other children. He dreamed of being a great warrior and a clan chief someday. When he was seventeen years old his hold left to follow the Car’a’carn to the wetlands. A couple of months after he was in the wetlands he came across a small group of bandits while he was out scouting. He attempted to approach calmly for that was what the Car’a’carn wished. One of the bandits raised his crossbow and aimed it at Jureal’s chest. Jureal immediately veiled and started to move towards the bandits. As he was rushing forward the bandit loosed the bolt. The bolt should have killed him for it was flying right at his heart but something happened that he could not explain the bolt was deflected up and into his shoulder. When he was shot the bandits charged. As the bandits ran at him the earth erupted and the next thing he knew the bandits were being flung into the surrounding trees. He leaned back against a tree and slid down it tell he was sitting.


After just sitting there for what seemed like days, a small party of Aiel came running up and saw the carnage around him. They asked him what happened, and he lowered his head and explained everything he could. They noticed the wound in his shoulder and took him back to the camp to see a wise one. As the wise ones were treating him word, had spread around the camps. Word had gotten to an Asha’man about the scene of what happened and he went to investigate. The Asha’man had seen this before and knew almost immediately what it was. The one power had been used here. Jureal was in shock he had no idea what to do. He had a sinking suspicion of what he did. But since the Car’a’carn had come what was he to do? The Car’a’carn could channel the one power as well as his army of Asha’man. So what did that mean for him now? He decided to go for a walk and sort things out.


As he was walking through the trees outlying the camp the Asha’man approached him. He told Jureal that he knew about his ability to channel. Jureal was very uncomfortable around the Asha’man, but he listened. The Asha’man told him that he could still serve the Car’a’carn by learning to channel. Jureal told him the honorable thing to do would be to head into the blight and die fighting his way to Shayol Ghul. And to the shock of Jureal the Asha’man said something that made Jureal pause and consider. What better way to spit in Sight Blinder's eye then to master this channeling and fight besides the Car’a’carn in the last battle? Jureal pondered this idea. He could save his honor by fighting with honor in the last battle and if he lived he could go off to die with the knowledge that he was pivotal in the defeat of the Dark One. Jureal told the Asha’man he would think on what he said and find him with his answer soon.


He thought over everything. How would he handle his people who found out about him channeling? Would he feel ashamed? Would he want to dance the spears over the insult? He knew he didn’t want to harm his people. But he also knew that the way they looked at him would be harsh. He decided that he would take each situation as it called. If they came to him with honor he would respond with honor. If they came to him in shame he would show them their shame. He decided he was going to undertake this journey. For the prophecy’s said “He shall spill out the blood of those who call themselves the Aiel as water on sand, and he shall break them as dried twigs, yet the remnant of a remnant shall he save, and they shall live.”

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