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Seanchan Bio - Gian Darug - NSW - No CC Needed


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Full name: Gian Darug

Age: 32

Role: Sul’Dam


Physical appearance: 5”6 feet, 155 pounds, light brown hair hanging to the shoulders, hazel brown eyes. She’s considered beautiful, yet is unaware of it herself.

Physical weakness: none

Physical strength: has a very good condition, can walk for long distances without tireing.


Personality: Gian is a perfectionist and that shines through in everything she does. She is also fiercely loyal to the Empress, may She live forever, and believes firmly in everyone keeping their place. She is a strict task mistress, who expects her charges to perform beyond what is considered good. She strives for perfection in everything, and that includes the damane that are placed in her hands. She’s considered an exceptionally good Sul’dam who may very well be raised to Der’Sul’dam, though Gian herself would never even think of such a thing, as that would be rising above one’s station.

Personality weakness: Her tendency towards perfection can make her somewhat nitpicky. While it is highly praised by those above her, it is also often a source of dismay for other Sul’dam and a source of despair for the damane linked with her. It is very hard to please Gian.

Personality strength: She is very determined to not only do a job, but do it as well as it can possibly be done. She constantly educates herself in anything that can help her and as a result she truly does deserve the praise she receives. She doesn’t hold grudges or feels any resentment when mistakes are pointed out, but instead sees them as opportunities for improvement. She is very well liked by most of the Blood and the Military for her keen mind and ability to anticipate what is wanted of her and her damane.





Gian’s father was a carpenter assigned to the docks while her mother worked as a weaver for one of the noble families in Seandar. She had a good childhood, though nothing out of the ordinary. That fact had always bothered Gian, who from a young age yearned for the extraordinary. She dreamed of perfect things. The Empress, may She live forever, being the ultimate embodiment of perfection in her mind. Her mother was the root of that image, as she would tell Gian all those fabulous stories before bedtime, about how the Empress, may She live forever, was perfect in every way. The perfect woman, with the perfect body, housing a perfect mind and running a perfect empire. Stories of shining cities and well kept houses, of soldiers marching in perfect step and animals groomed to reflect the Empress’s station, may She live fover.


Yes, Gian loved everything that was perfect. And yet, so little truly was perfect, she found. How is it that there was so much that still needed work? When asked, her mother would smile and say that this was the challenge for the Seanchan people. To always strive for perfection and never to give up that quest. To always find what could be improved and then set out to improve it. Not to be beaten by that which was not yet perfect but to be determined to make it better. Gian drank in her mother’s words and made them her own.


When she turned sixteen, the Sul’dam came to her village and there was a celebration in their honor. All the girls were tested, as was done every year, and Gian’s mother cried out from happiness when it was decided that Gian was to train to become Sul’dam herself. Gian couldn’t believe it. Her? Sul’dam? It never even registered to her that she would no longer be free, but instead become a da’covale. Who cared about something like that? She would become a Sul’dam! One of the most respected people in all of the empire! She would learn to train damane and serve the Blood! Perhaps even the Empress herself, may She live forever!


The next few years, Gian trained hard and heeded her mother’s words to always strive for perfection. It was a creed she would follow her whole life. When the Der’Sul’dam declared her ready, she was promoted to the rank of Sul’dam. She invited her parents to celebrate with her and proudly showed her what she had learned, using one of the damane from the kennels. They were beside themselves and showered their daughter with compliments. That would be the last time Gian saw her parents. For life, as it happens, has a way of demanding your attention and time that can not be foreseen.


Shortly after her promotion, Gian was appointed to one of the High Blood, to handle the damane of the High Lord for him. Most of the damane belonged to the Empress, may She live forever, but they had been given to the High Lord as a favor, so he had need of extra Sul’dam to handle the extra damane. The High Lord’s own Sul’dam was in charge of them all, eventhough she wasn’t officiallly a Der’Sul’dam, but such were the dictates among servants, who governed themselves in reflexion of their betters. As this was the High Lord’s household, it was his Sul’dam that took presendence over the others. She quickly took a liking to Gian, due to Gian’s tendency to strive for perfection, and started to teach her the more finer points of being a Sul’dam. Gian took it all in, greatful for the opportunity to improve herself. She then turned around and offered her acquired knowledge to the other Sul’dam, some of whom were equally greatful for the opportunity, but others were resentfull and refused to learn from her. This was something Gian never understood. How could one be resentfull for learning? She spent a full year in the High Lord’s service, perfecting her skills during the many campains the High Lord was sent on by the Throne and during one such campain her skills her noted by a Sul’dam of the Empirical Force. The next day, a messenger came from the Palace with a note demanding the return of the Sul’dam Gian and that a replacement for her would be sent in the next few days. Gian felt a bit sorry to leave behind this household, which she had grown to like quite a bit, but was at the same time excited at the prospect of going to the Empirial Palace! This was it! She would be assigned to the Empress, may She live forever! It wasn’t that Gian was ambitious, you understand. It was that she wished to be as close to perfection as possible. And who else, but the Greatest One would be perfect?


They took her to the Empirial Palace, but she wasn’t enlisted to serve the Throne. Instead, she was placed in a group of other Sul’dam who were being trained for a special mission. When Gian first learned what this mission would be, she almost lowered her eyes by gasping in shock. She would be part of the Return? Along with the other Sul’dam, she learned that she would be personally responsible for helping bring back the lost lands under the Empirical Hand. They would need the Sul’dam to represent the best the Empire had to offer, in order not to shame the Empress, may She live forever, in the eyes of these outlanders. They would need their skills to surpass that of other Sul’dam, in case they needed to train new non-Seanchan damane. And so they trained. Hard and long they trained and each day, Gian repeated her mantra. She would strive for perfection in herself and those placed in her care.


Two years later, the day arrived and the ships were ready. The Return had begun. The lands of their forefathers beckonned and Gian stood at the front of the ship she was stationed on. Seanchan shores grew small behind her while the open sea spread out ahead.


She would not fail.

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