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who spoke to you of the revolution?!? names, i want names!


um.... i mean... lol.... revolution. heh heh... silly human.


.... they are seeking forever homes, and expressing their willingness to remain kitteh sopranos for the rest of their adorable lives, and be better pets for it.


there will be no revolution, and no violence, as long as you continue to make with the treats and the petting.


your overlords have meowed.

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Speaking cat is one thing, sharing the world with another dominant species is another thing entirely. A truce COULD be reached, I suppose, as long as there was no interference at all in each government after the fact. And working together to overthrow the human race would make us allies.... Yes...




I shall have to think on these implications, and decide how best to proceed.

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*twitches at the mention of nuts*


I could possibly withstand nuts...and hobbit stew (since no one makes it like me >.>)....just don't bring my BIGGEST WEAKNESS, shiny objects. Please, don't. *begs and shudders at the thought*


Of course I would be there! Without me, there would be no Evil Sith Squirrel Overlord of Epic Proportions to rule the galaxy world. And no plan of world domination and human enslavement/destruction.

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Of course; part of my master plan is for all squirrels to either undergo intensive training to become my Legions of Terror/ main military uprising task force, or else be executed with the soft humans. Part of Training is how to be Technology-friendly.


I can either pull all the squirrels out of your part of Earth, or else ensure that those that stay are trained in the art of NOT chewing on electrical wires.

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Well, all the masses need is someone with whom they can identify, and who can lead them to victory. I am pretty sure I fit the bill for us squirrels, as evidenced by my success thus far. Not that I'm going to divulge any of my secrets, like the location of my current training facility... >.>


Oh, and some of them are learning how to use lightsabers. Heads up.

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it was more like triple dogdare ya to bust through that glass and try and catch us, cause we gonna shimmy up that tree and drop nuts on your head sort of thing.


when the dogs are out (they let all the dogs run loose around here all the time with the wild children, ack), the squirrels follow them around and taunt them from the trees, and throw stuff at thm.


once in a while this turns out very badly for the squirrel. chimpmunks are similarly inclined, but much less evil about it, and somewhat quicker. though the catch me round the tree game has gone wrong a couple of times, i believe that is he polydactyl cat, tigger, who is a master hunter.

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tigger is striped, and huge, and friendly, and has opposable thumbs, his paws, rightly hands, look like baseball mitts, and wily wits, and lots of practice and skill, and can catch most critters in one paw. he is also very strong, and i've seen him down bunnies his own size.


he's the neighbor's kitty but makes free to enter all the hosues, including mine, and including the ones with dogs, and with alleged cat haters. everyone loves tigger.


he's a bit big for bounce, but he's got great pounce.

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