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Wait... cindy is nae'blis? O.o i thought she was just a random darkfriend with an appetite for Taint... My apologies, Great Mistress. Does that stop you from being cute and fuzzy though?


In here she is just cute and fuzzy and depressed. :biggrin:

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nae'blis is a temprary position in SG and goes to whoever gets the most points the last month.


and please, mawth, kittiehs don't have good-evil moral dilemmas like we do, so no worries. i will not torment you for disrespecting the nae. um, yeah, MPD can be an issue. an axis II issue, but that doesn't make it less difficult to deal with. more so, actually.


and while i had, as a mere human, some... difficulty... with the puppy pix... as nae'blis, i could be nothing but proud of and pleased with the sheer, perverse, enerrgetic, joyous, and deadly cruel willingness to do my evil bidding that mr funy displayed in his chow chow post. also, as you may have noticed from the links themselves, he didn't make chows to be eaten, that's what they were bred for. it's really just a western cultural bias, and those pics were not made to be "sick"... we eat cute fuzzy animals here, and there's no moral high ground about it.


i personally do not eat pupies, but i can't honestly condemn others for doing so, when i happily purchase other species of pre-killed, butchered, and plastic wrapped animals and cook and eat them, yum.


(but, yeah, it was a little rough to look at, so, late PG-any age warning)


edited for just figuring out - he is talmanes, charis sees him as ceiling cat)

Edited by cindy
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Haha actually this weekend would have been the perfect time for posting a thread that I wouldn't see.

It's Monday now though so of course I'll check over my Tower ;)


Now the real lurker here is Charis ;) :D


I see you my bonded always posting right away in certain threads, but rarely in general. You always catch the new ones too.

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