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Green + Blue = Pranks?


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There was a letter, half written, laying on the desk. The ivory of the parchment looked stark against the deep dark cherry of the desktop. The words, in ink that had long since faded from black to gray, slanted across the page. Upon closer inspection, it was a list rather than a letter. Words like 'apples' and 'candles' stood out, ink slightly darker than the rest. Miahna lifted it up and put it tenderly aside, searching the desk for more clues. Clues as to why this family disappeared – just vanished – and how. Nothing in the house was out of place, nothing was missing, it was as if they walked out and never looked back.


Sighing, she scrubbed a hand across her face and turned to Grisham. Her Warder was relentlessly cautious, walking through the house for the third time. A quiet tension hummed through the Bond – his normal state. She nodded at his back and decided not to chide him for looking. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred he would find nothing, but that one time would be worth it. Instead, she turned away from the desk to stare the rest of the office. She had been sure that this would be the place to hold a reason. She was wrong.


Annoyed at the elusiveness of the disappearance, Mimi tapped the fingers of her right hand against her leg. She would have to instruct Piha, her associate to keep an eye on the place. The woman could root a rabbit out of its nest so the matter was well in hand. This wasn't what Miahna had devoted her life to anyway, she'd just come across the problem on her way through the village and had decided to snoop around herself. After the first day with no clues, it had become more of a competition with herself. Grisham had wisely stayed out of it. They had become comfortable enough in their Bond that he'd finally begun offering his insights to her, but this seemed different and he recognized that.


Hearing his heavy steps upstairs, the Blue looked upward and considered the Bond they shared. It had been more of a hasty Bond than one that was well prepared. She'd spoken at his Guard ceremony and had seen him a few times since, but had not had much contact after that. Until the day she'd asked him to Bond. She had been leaving and suddenly felt she needed someone to watch her back. Despite the ache she had felt at the idea of replacing Malachi, it seemed necessary. Miahna had learned a long time ago not to fight what the Wheel was pushing at you – it never worked. You could fight until you were bruised and bloodied, but the Wheel would do as it wanted. She had been as surprised as he when he'd agreed, and she wove the strands of Spirit before either had the chance to change their mind.


Then the duty of one had become the duty of two. Grisham had filled in a hole that the Arafellin had not realized was there. His silence was companionable, his words worth the thought he put behind them, and his vow to protect her never wavering. Miahna had been alone for a long time, and she had liked it that way, but having a companion fit her too. Sometimes, the more companions the better. Glancing down at her belt pouch, the Blue could just make out one corner of the letter she stored there. Asking her to return to the Tower, not for duty, but for friendship.


Making a snap decision that was unlike her, the Aes Sedai called out to her Warder. He came down the steps at a measured pace, cautious even in this. His face betrayed the barest hint of surprise when she told him they would be leaving, registering more as she told him they would be returning to the Tower. He said nothing, however, having grown used to her secrecy. Miahna played closer to the vest than potentially any other Aes Sedai, knowing the that information she found could ruin lives – or save them. Grisham knew enough to keep the pair of them safe, but never all of it. Only one person ever heard the full story, only one person knew all the stories, and that was the person who wrote the letter, who beckoned to her now.


The sky was bright, sun streaming down as the pair of them rode down the road toward the Tower. The weather worked on Miahna's solemn thoughts, eventually pulling her out of the gloom and into brightness. She reminded herself to find joy in the little things, like the butterfly landing on her pommel or the flowers swaying in the breeze. It would be easy to wallow in the horror that her chosen path supplied, but that was not her. She turned her face to the sunlight and basked in it, trusting her Warder to lead the way.


They rode for two days, resting at night underneath the stars. The sky stayed clean and bright as if instructing the Blue that she, too, should feel cleansed and happy. A smile stole onto her face near the end of the first day, and by the second it was a permanent fixture. It felt odd not to be galloping toward something, adrenaline pumping through her veins, her mind running through various scenarios. What if she made in time? What if she didn't? Odd, but not bad. The road was much more enjoyable when she had the time to truly look at it. Even Grisham supplied a smile. We are truly a somber pair. she thought fleetingly, her smile diminishing for the barest moment before the weather swept it away again.


The White Tower came into sight a full day before they arrived at the stables. Dusk had already claimed the sky, white lights beginning to twinkle. Miahna handed over her reigns, for once leaving the grooming of her stallion to the stablehands. Grisham quirked an eyebrow at her and she nodded. He nodded back at her and turned on his heel, heading in the direction of the Warder Barracks. He had mentioned a yearning to see some of his training mates when they returned. Mimi twisted the ring on the second finger of her left hand and practically bounded up the steps of the Tower and to the Green wing. She felt like a novice again as she knocked on the suite door.

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Nyanna sat on a pile of fresh straw, feeling the bay mare’s warm breath against her ear as it snuffled her hair. She twisted a piece of dried grass around her fingers. Time had flown since her arrival at the White Tower, every day spent doing countless chores. Life as a novice was not what she had imagined. She thought she would be taught to control that awful Power inside her, but so far had not received one lesson. But the chores kept her busy and prevented her from dwelling on her thoughts of her dead parents.


Normally, Nyanna would go straight to her bed when the chores were done, falling into exhausted sleep immediately. Today was the first time the head cook had sent her away a bit earlier. It was just getting dark, and Nyanna had stolen off to visit the stables. She suspected it wasn’t really allowed to wander about the grounds, but she desperately needed some alone time, and did not really enjoy the prospect of going to her dormitory. Nyanna hadn’t really gotten to know her roommate, except exchanging names and being aware of another girl sleeping across the room in the night. But it didn’t matter. No one should come near her, it was too dangerous. Something dreadful might happen again if she unconsciously used the One Power, so Nyanna preferred to keep her distance from the other novices.


Initially a bit upset when she couldn’t find Dapple, the horse she had arrived on, she resolved that he must have been taken out by some Aes Sedai or Warder. Indeed, the stables were so big, much larger than her father’s horse herds had been, and busy.


Nyanna had quietly sat down in a dark corner where the stablehands wouldn’t see her and send her away, beside a dark brown mare who was quietly chewing chaff. She missed horses a lot, and felt happier than she had in a long time just sitting amongst them and listening.


Suddenly there was the commotion of somebody arriving. Her curiosity aroused, Nyanna looked out over the horse’s box, and saw an Aes Sedai and her Warder dismounting in front of the stables. The Aes Sedai rode a magnificent stallion, whose reins she handed to the stablehands. She looked eager to get to the White Tower, happy to be home.


Nyanna crossed her arms, shivering slightly at the cold breeze rushing through the wide stable doors. She caught a glance of the skies, alarmed at the number of stars out already. She should leave now, before someone notice her absence from the novice quarters at nightfall.


Making use of her small size, Nyanna kept to the shadows and flitted out the wide open doors after the two horses were led in. A little way off she could see the Warder heading towards the Barracks, and there was the unfamiliar Aes Sedai, quickly striding up the steps to the Tower itself. Nyanna broke into a trot, following the Aes Sedai into the Tower at a distance, trying to go as unnoticed as possible.



Nyanna al'Dyn


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Taia was having a full day, she had forgotten how busy life within the Tower was. Earlier in the day she had gone to help train one of the new Green Ajah accepted. The poor girl was being worked hard, as all the new recruits to the Ajah were. The last battle was coming, Taia knew they were all under pressure to be ready for it. She sighed she really had to hurry, she needed a book from the library, and then get back to her room, clean herself up and then get back to training others. Yes it was going to be a full day indeed.


Taia had changed into a dress that was lower cut then most people would wear, she didn't like anything to close to her neck not even a necklace. She had braided her red hair to keep it out of her face, and that really showed off her green eyes. If she had been out in the town the men would have enjoyed staring at her, but she wasn't going there, more was the pity. She was due back at training, she wondered if she could just say she wasn't going and go and find Miahna they were still working on finding things out about some darkfriends. Thinking about Miahna brought a smile to Taia's face. Her friend had just bonded again, it warmed Taia's heart to see Miahna with another, even if they weren't sharing a bed. Taia's smiled widened at that thought, telling such thoughts to Mia would surely bring a smile to the others face and a retort. Taia liked to make Mia laugh the woman didn't do it enough she was too serious. Taia could be serious if she had to but she would rather have fun. She brushed such thoughts away from her mind and went to the door. Just as she did someone knocked, surprised Taia opened the door and was shocked to see Miahna there, as if conjured by magic.


Taia took a look at Miahna and tucked her arm through Taia and walked down the hall. When they got outside Taia asked with a smile. "Did you need pointers on how to dance the sa’sara for Grisham?"

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*She answered, blowing that bloody lock of hair back over her head. That was something new. One tiny little bundle of hair was now persistent to always fall over her right eye, and its end would finnish in her mouth most of the time, her chewing on it. She didnt realise she was chewing on it untill Maddine asked her that fool question. Maddine asked a lot of fool questions, usually concerning her trips to the warders training yard. Getting those glimps of hard working boys learning to defend and kill was all that had occupied the girls mind. And LIGHT! She made such a fuss about it, even while doing penance chores.


Dora Farlee was on her knees, wich were wet now from the soapy washing water. She had just streightened up to put the thick wollen washing cloth into the wooden bucket full of water when the question came, and she blew back the hair. She was in Novice white, and glad for it. Ever since she was told she can learn, she was eager, oh so eager. But old beliefs died hard. That was the reason she was here in the first place, into the hours of dark, scrubbing floor in the kitchens.*


"Would I choose Fabbor over Desilon when I will bond? Easy. Why bond in the first place? Men, or boys for that matter, make less sense then a flake of snow midsummer, if they reach manhood. Most men never do, my mother always told me."


*She put her underarm to her forehead, to wash off the pearls of sweat. This was getting hard. The first week, she got extra chores from the Mistress of Novices for not adressing Aes Sedai propperly, or not cortsying when she should have, when not greeting an Aes Sedai propperly and the list went on. Two wisits ended in tears also, the second because she resisted the first. Not by force, oh no, the Mistress of Novices would have handled her without the power as a baker handles dough without the power, but she argumented. Light! SHE was the one insulted, and when she told the Aes Sedai, who handled her worse then a common thief is handled by the Guardsmen back home in Caemlyn, that she will retain at least SOME respect, as a person at least, the woman just told her to pack her things and wisit the bloody Mistress of the cursed Novices. When she tried to explain herself, she had to lean over the womans knees again!


Chors hurt less. She would still have hard time sitting for days afterwards. Here, at least she felt a little bit at home. She was in a kitchen. Pots and pans and fires and the smell of spices always got her back home in her mind. So scrubbing floors was not as bad as going to the Mistress of the Novices again. And yes, she HAD learned her lesson. The Tower worked in different ways then home, and she will learn that. But old ways died hard.*



"Dont be like that. I would enjoy just waching a warder, doing as I told him to do and having him rescue me out of trollocks pots..."


*Dora rolled her eyes. The girl was some kind of low noble and she was actually a prime example of why she loathed nobility. Secluded little bubbles of irritation they seemed to be, now actually meeting some. Filled with stories and no actual knowlege. Dora felt high and mighty over maddine. She looked down on the girl the same way the girl would look down on her if they met in the streets. The little girls constant harrasment about bonding and warders made this pleasant scrubbing of floors a pest. She blew the lock of hair back over her head. What? LIGHT! Seriously, she will steal a pair of scisors somehow and get it cut off. It was about that time she nearly jumped, her heart in her throat and the lock of hair back over her face...*


-Mistress of the Kitchens-

"Ah, so you two are up and still scrubbing? Chatting around? Now then! You seem like you are not tired at all! In that case, you can get yourselves to scrub those pots left over from dinner before you go to bed. And I expect them to be as shiny as mirrors tomorrow morning!"


*The woman was a bloody Fade from the stories! She may be bulky as a merchant guard, and heavy as half an ox, but that woman could sneak better then a low Caemlyn cutpurse? Dora was so scared she forgot all about every man woman and child being equal and mumbled "yes-mistress-of-course-mistress-will-be-as-you-wish-mistress" in a squeeky and hurried voice. When she turned around, the bloody woman was gone! OH LIGHT! SHE herself was working as a tavern maid at weeks end, but this foolish girls blabber has now deprieved her of even more sleep! LIGHT AND BLOODY ASHES!


She aimed a glare at the girl, whos black haired head was now deep between her upper arms and scrubbing as if the queen of Andor was coming to wisit, mumbling something about "hag" and "bloody cow". That actually got Doras morale up a notch. At least she might just be silent for the Wheels sake! She got back to scrubbing the floor herself. An Aes Sedai is going to try with the flower thing tomorrow, and she was so close the last time! She could not wait!


Thank the light her roommate was the silent sort. She needed sleep. She WAS tired, and the pots were still waiting. And then a thought got to her... one of those that she could not stop before it reached her mouth. Then, she giggled, so did Maddine.*


"Hope we do a bad job with the pots. She might see trollocks in them if we do as she told."


*The mistress of Kitchens was not a delightfull sight.*

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The air in the corridor was slightly cool and somehow maintained a breeze. Miahna figured that somewhere, in one of the rooms, an Aes Sedai had her balcony open and was letting in some air from outside. They were pretty high up in the Tower and here the breezes came naturally at any time of day. Several tapestries on the wall fluttered in the slight breeze, allowing glimpses of green tile underneath. Sound came from beyond the door pulling her attention back to it. She felt giddiness in her limbs and stepped back in surprise. It had been ...decades since she had felt this feeling. Somehow, however, she didn't care. Shedding Aes Sedai serenity, the Blue felt a wide grin split her face as the door opened.


There stood Taia, looking as gorgeous as ever. Her face flashed surprise before she, too, smiled as if a cat that ate a canary. Her green eyes sparkled in acknowledgement, easily matching the green dress she wore. A large expanse of bosom was exposed, pale and shining in the corridor light. Miahna shook her head slightly at her friend. The same flirt as ever, the Blue thought fondly. She opened her mouth to say something, but the Green interrupted her thoughts by throwing her arms around Miahna in an embrace. Leaning into her friend, the Arafellin finally thought of herself as home. The White Tower never seemed so much like home when Taia was in residence.


It was luck, and Taia's insistence that they were both here at the same time. Having risen to the Shawl a few years before Taia, it had taken the Green and Blue years to reconnect. Both had been set into her own path by that time. Mimi was already off hunting darkfriends and Taia had been brainwashed -or so Miahna thought of it - by her Ajah sisters. Nearly a decade later the two had reconnected and Taia had begun to aid Miahna in her quest to rid the world of darkfriends. Decades after that, it had become Taia's mission as well. What better way to prepare for the Last Battle than to rid the other side of it's soldiers before the fight?


The two walked back out the Green Halls and into the Tower proper, arms still linked. Several girls in novices whites and Accepted bands curtsied to them, not really noticing who they were, but rather the ageless face they wore. Taia spoke to some of them, the friendly tone of a teacher coming out of her mouth. Mimi felt surprise at the idea of Taia teaching the initiates, but she hid it. Who was she to tell Taia what to do. Perhaps the Green Ajah's First Selector - or whatever they called their Ajah Head because Mimi was sure they had one - had requested (or demanded) it of her. The Blue stayed silent, her stoic face making a novice or two almost whimper at the sight. After two, she softened it a little. Her face tended to slip into 'darkfriend hunter' mode when she wasn't paying attention. It was useful on the road, but not so much when she was in the Tower. Almost shaking her head, the Arafellin reminded herself to keep track of what face she displayed to those around her. Another thing to be remembered in the Tower. If it weren't for Taia's arm around mine...and her summons, I would leave right now.


When they finally got outside and well onto a path that snaked around the grounds, the Green dropped Mimi's arm and turned to look at her. With a beaming smile, Taia turned to Mimi and asked the first question of their visit, "Did you need pointers on how to dance the sa’sara for Grisham?"


Blushing in horror Mimi rolled her eyes and punched Taia on the arm lightly. "Honestly Tai! We haven't physically seen each other in yearS - that's plural you know - and that's the first question you ask? Light, no!" Scrubbing back some hair that had come loose from her dual braids, Mimi stared at her friend, laughter overcoming her "anger" despite her attempts to look angry. She giggled - giggled! - and brought her hands up to her mouth. No one else would get that reaction from her. And no one else would choose to ask that question. Taia truly was the basis of her family now. Throwing her arm around the Green's shoulders she squeezed her redheaded friend. "How have you been my friend? I've missed you!"





ooc: Sorry so short loves! I'm a bit tired *g*. I promise you'll have more to work from next time!

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(OOC: Sorry for the long wait.)



Nyanna breathed a sigh of relief as the newly arrived Aes Sedai turned into a side corridor. Now she could make her way to her dormitory without garnering an extra late-night chore. She was tired, and looked forward to getting to her room to sleep. Suddenly Nyanna stopped, scrutinising her surroundings uncertainly. She eyed the unfamiliar doors and suddenly noticed that there were no novices in the vicinity, only a couple of Accepted walking down the corridor. They were looking at her questioningly, eyebrows raised. Nyanna did an about turn, and walked around the corner, only then remembering she should have curtsied. She quickly walked on in case one of the Accepted was particularly vindictive and sent her to an Aes Sedai for the offence. Where was she? Nyanna’s alarm rose until she spotted the familiar staircase that she normally went up to reach the novice quarters, and checked her fast pace.


Nyanna slipped up the steps. She strode down an adjoining hall leading to a walkway outside. She spared a short disinterested glance out of the open double doors that opened out onto a path winding through the grounds. What she saw jolted her to a stop so quickly that she almost slipped on the polished tiles and fell backwards. Nyanna let out small sound of surprise as she grabbed at the sill of an alcove to steady herself. Astonished, she chanced another disbelieving peek around the corner, hoping that the two Aes Sedai had not heard her squeak.


They were wandering about arm in arm! Two full Aes Sedai! One of them was the Aes Sedai she had followed inside. Who was she? Nyanna was not normally interested in others’ odd behaviour, but this did strike her as very out of the ordinary. Her mental picture of Aes Sedai in general was that they were aloof and not affable even to each other. They wielded a terrifying power. They had a burden to bear, had to protect people and direct kingdoms.


What shocked Nyanna even more was the indecent dress the other was wearing. This was so unlike the Aes Sedai she knew that she stood rooted to the spot, unable to move as she stared, distraught, at the women with the very renowned, very ageless faces that commanded very deferential behaviour from everyone. Everywhere.

And they were grinning from ear to ear like cats that had found the pail of cream.

"Did you need pointers on how to dance the sa’sara for Grisham?"


Nyanna’s mouth fell open. She sagged against the wall of the corner, eyes open almost as wide as her mouth as the other Aes Sedai blushed – blushed! – and punched the speaker in a good-natured gesture. Then she giggled. Nyanna felt a blow like a hammer of incredulity as the Aes Sedai covered her mouth, then hugged the other Aes Sedai, both now giggling like novices. Was the world going crazy?



Nyanna al'Dyn

Traditional WT Novice

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Taia waited to see what Miahna would do in response to her asking about the sa'sara, she didn't have to wait long. Taia bit back a smile as her friend turned a bright red and then punched her on the arm.


"Honestly Tai! We haven't physically seen each other in yearS - that's plural you know - and that's the first question you ask? Light, no!" Scrubbing back some hair that had come loose from her dual braids,


As Mimi said this she stared at Taia. Taia did her best to arrange her face in an expression of innocence. It didn't work Mimi only started to laugh in which Taia joined her. It had been awhile since they had gotten to laugh like novices again. Taia was helping Mimi hunt the friends of the dark and that was never a pleasant task.


Mimi did something Taia was not expecting she threw her arm around the Taia's shoulders and squeezed Taia in a hug adding. "How have you been my friend? I've missed you!"


Taia hugged her friend back. "I have missed you too my friend." She sighed "Things are, as always, busy. I am trying to find myself a warder to maybe settle myself down with." She winked and Mimi rolled her eyes. Her Blue Ajah friend knew what Taia thought about men and warders good for bedding and protection but otherwise she didn't know the first thing about love. Taia thought Mimi was probably waiting till Taia actually fell in love to tell her she told her love happened. This was not something that was likely to happen soon,


"Anyway," she added sighing. "I've been trying to teach some of the Novices. You know how I feel about children. Its been like a form of torture for me. I think the Ajah enjoys watching my pain sometimes." She rolled her eyes. She turned her attention to Miahna and added "Of course I would ask you about your warder first by the way. What other question would a Green ask there best friend." She smiled and added "So tell me about him, have you kissed him yet." Mimi's look made Taia burst out laughing. "I'm sorry Mia I will stop talking about him. What else have you been doing? Next time you leave the tower I shall come with you. It will be fun."

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*Leaving the kitchens, her dress still wet below the knees from scrubbing floor for from bell to bell. She had the slice of hair in her mouth, chewing on its end as she thought of what lessons and chores were before her. She was tired, but not overly. Her freeday two days away, she longed for some fun, something that would take her thoughts off the chores she would have to do in the coming two days. See, she has nothing against chores. Chores would have been her life as a commoner woman. Daytime cooking for guests of the tavern, freetime would be cooking, cleaning, washing for her family. Now, instead, she has cleaning, washing, cooking, and serving Aes Sedai as chores, and what would constitute as free time from her chores, she is studying the force, history, natural knowledge, the game, people and health.


She loved it.


Sure, it was hard on the tired bone, and even if her funny bone was still strong and alive, she needed to let out some stress now and then. Only problem was, with all the little pesky things she forgot to say, do, bow, courtsy, and whatever else, her night hours turned into chores... and she got home to her little room late.

No time for fun.


That is why she smiled when she heard the words brought forth on the winds of echo in the corridor turning right at the next intersection.*


"So tell me about him, have you kissed him yet."


*GOSSIP!!! Novices on the run to their rooms from some dispicable adventure surely, sneaking away to the warders maybe? Some love story playing out with one of the servants? Something else to talk about but the mistress of kitchens, mistress of novices, lessons, chores and the One Power! She turned the corridor, with feet bringing her swift around that cold stone, so she could apprehend the novices in their act of verbal diharea, so they would know that Dora had heard them, and would have to incloude her into the story, or risk that the gossip in question would be spread in a very missunderstood way...*


"I'm sorry Mia I will stop talking about him. What else have you been doing? Next time you leave the tower I shall come with you. It will be fun."


*It was not the words themselves that gave Dora the logical conclusion that these were NOT novices. Novices were not allowed to leave the tower, and that meant they were netiehr novices nor accepted... Surely, they COULD be servants, but the ageless faces and shawls were too good proof of that daydream to be just that. A daydream.


These were Aes Sedai, and she was a novice, hearing words she surely was not allowed to hear.


The two Aes Sedai had now a pale, frozen down brown haired cute little novice in front of them with gaping mouth and wide spread eyes filled with fear and surprise.*


"Erm A... Ah... Ae... Aes Sedai!?!"

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This garden was the perfect place for a reunion, Miahna decided, looking around at the beautiful scenery. It had been too long since she'd taken time to stop and smell the roses – both figuratively and literally. In her line of work, life could become grim easily; she could become grim easily. It was difficult spending the bulk of one's time chasing down people who would (and did) do anything to another person. Her face started to slide back into the stern look that she presented to the world, which left her to wonder when she'd gone from smile to frown lines.


Taia said something that brought Mimi back to the present. Shaking her head slightly, she refound her grin and asked the Green to repeat herself. She was with Taia now – this was not the time to dwell on harsher things. It had been years since they'd been together in person. Years since Miahna had sucked Taia into her world of mystery, constant traveling, and darkfriends. Of course they enjoyed the hunt, adrenaline pumping through their veins, but sometimes, stopping was the better course of action.


"Things are, as always, busy. I am trying to find myself a warder to maybe settle myself down with," Taia said at her with a wink. Miahna rolled her eyes. She shouldn't have expected anything different! This was probably the first time in their friendship that she'd had a Warder when the Green did not. She opened her mouth to say something to that effect, but closed it when Taia continued speaking. "Anyway," she added sighing. "I've been trying to teach some of the Novices. You know how I feel about children. Its been like a form of torture for me. I think the Ajah enjoys watching my pain sometimes." Taia rolled her eyes and Miahna let out a small chuckle. While Taia was extremely knowledgable, and an able teacher, she should not be teaching novices. She was much more suited to teach advanced Accepted or new Aes Sedai. It was an interesting choice to have her teach the young ones instead.


Rewinding to a few moments ago, Taia turned her attention back to the Blue and added "Of course I would ask you about your warder first by the way. What other question would a Green ask her best friend." Miahna shook her head as the Green smiled and added, "So tell me about him, have you kissed him yet." Miahna's eyes practically bulged out of her head and she leaned back to stare at the Green. Taia burst out laughing, a hand covering her mouth. "I'm sorry Mia I will stop talking about him. What else have you been doing? Next time you leave the tower I shall come with you. It will be fun."


Crossing her arms, Mimi laughed a little at Taia's forwardness – she'd missed it – and shrugged. “I don't think there really is anything else Taia. You know how I am. Grish is a good companion, albeit quiet. He hasn't learned to really voice his opinions to me yet, so I'm working on that. Trying to encourage him to do so. He hasn't seemed to realize that sometimes he needs to tell me 'no'.” She grinned at her friend, knowing that the Green understood her penchant for getting into trouble. The smile was a welcome change from guilt, which had plagued her for years after Malachi's death. It wasn't a struggle to do so now, smile even as memories of him arguing with her over where to go surfaced.


The pair of Aes Sedai rounded the corner and stopped, faces morphing into the serene mask that had been programmed into them. A novice stood in front of them, frozen in the middle of the path,"Erm A... Ah... Ae... Aes Sedai!?!"


Miahna quirked an eyebrow at the girl and shifted her shawl. She hated that she had to wear the bloody thing while she was in the Tower, but what the First Selector wanted, the First Selector got. Or, at least with this battle. Mimi wasn't one to take orders well, thankfully she was never in the Tower long and conveniently, the bloody woman always forgot their previous fights when Miahna returned. There was something to be said for having a reputation as a darkfriend killer. No one ever wanted to get on your bad side – even those stronger than you.


“Good evening child,” Miahna said, stepping forward slightly to address the girl, “what brings you to this garden?”

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Well, this was different. Nyanna had recovered from her shock and was just about to tiptoe off quietly, still astounded at the exchange, when the next comment rooted her to the spot once again.


"So tell me about him, have you kissed him yet."


Nyanna blinked. Once again she questioned of they really were Aes Sedai? A quick glance confirmed that one of them at least was wearing her shawl. But it was getting harder and harder to think of the two women being as cold and always distinguished as their stereotype demanded. As a peal of laughter rang out from one of the women, Nyanna couldn’t help but smile herself. The Aes Sedai with the low-cut dress sspoke and the other laughed again. Had she just said something about having fun??? It was so unexpected to hear these normally businesslike, intimidating women talking so amiably about everyday things, it was hard to stop listening to their conversation.

They were undoubtedly talking about the Warder now, and it was strange to hear of one of those fearsome guardians being talked of as if he were a student who had much to learn. Suddenly the conversation cut off, as did their slow footsteps.


"Erm A... Ah... Ae... Aes Sedai!?!"


Nyanna dared to peek around the corner again at the sound of a new voice, this one definitely not Aes Sedai. She recognized the novice as her roommate - and Dora had obviously also overheard the Aes Sedai’s chat, judging by her surprised stutter. All of a sudden their faces were back to those composed masks – it was obvious now that they were masks. The expressions changing so quickly were comical to say the least, and together with the sight of Dora frozen on the spot looking like a squirrel swallowing its acorn the wrong way, it was enough for Nyanna to let out a snort of laughter. Her hands flew up to cover her mouth immediately. Nyanna’s heart stood still for a moment, as she too froze and hoped by the Light that they hadn’t heard.

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Taia had been enjoying her walk with Mia when they rounded a corner and saw a novice standing in there path. The mask that they were trained to put into place stole over her face quickly, and her eyes narrowed. "Novices! why oh why did it have to be a Novice, to ruin her day?" It wasn't that Taia didn't realize that the Novices were important to the Tower, becoming Aes Sedai later. Or that it wasn't important that the girls learned some control. It was that Taia didn't like them. She had always had a problem with young children or the young people who came to the tower, she was hard on most of them. Almost more then even the rest of the Aes Sedai. Till they had the shawl she tried to stay away from them. Although recently she had been training some of the young ones and it had been torture she assumed for both herself and the girls she was teaching. THe novice spoke


"Erm A... Ah... Ae... Aes Sedai!?!"


Taia was going to speak but Mia beat her to it. “Good evening child,” Miahna said, stepping forward slightly to address the girl, “what brings you to this garden?” Taia could not understand why Mia would be so casual, the Gardens were off limits to Novices, weren't they? Taia couldn't remember it had been some time since she was a Novice, and she tried not to remember that too much, her time had been hard and long. She heard a noise behind her and turned around quickly while Mia dealt with the other girl. She couldn't see anyone behind her but that didn't mean anything. She turned to walk back the way she had come and after she had taken a few steps she thought she knew what had happened. Another novice was following them and had hid around the corner from them. If she turned the corner she would find the girl Taia, sighed inwardly. She didn't want to deal with this, it would just mean punishing the other novice and forcing Taia to deal with them again. She would tell Mia and allow her to handle it. She had turned around when she sighed again, no she couldn't do that she had to deal with it. She came around the corner and found the novice with both hands over her mouth. She shook her head "come along child. You'll want to see Miahna Sedai as well." Taia led the other back to Mia. It was going to be a hard day for Taia.


Taia Misna

Green Sister

Hates dealing with this.

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*Dora was tarrified. Moment ago, she was walking the halls, thinking over her days and nights, just lost in thought, and then she heard people talking and BOOOM, she is in the guardens. With two steelfaced Aes Sedai in front of her inquiring the reason for her presence. Her voice failed her and as they asked her something else, she first closed her eyes, and took two breaths, calming herself down, and oppening them again. She heard something, wasnt sure what it was, but one of the Aes Sedia soon summoned an other Novice.


Doras eyes widened. Her roommate! Her eyes went from her roommates face to that of the two Aes Sedai and then back again. She needed some way to get out of this, or face chores for the coming YEAR. Her mind started to work like a seamstress with the yearly harwest ball coming in the Royal palace. Suddenly, it hit her. Yes. Light be her saviour, this needs to work.


She was washed over by self assurence, strenght. Her cheek got a couple inches higher, she got the stence of someone knowing what she is doing, someone determinned, and she bowed to the two Aes Sedai, she then aimed to seem relieved. It was hard, seeing the situation at hand. But she would do her best. She looked up into the eyes of the two Aes Sedai, and spoke, slowly so she would not stutter, clean.


Inside, she was screaming of terror. Why? She was lieing into the faces of two Aes Sedai, to try and save herself and her roommate.*


"There she is! I am sorry Aes Sedai for being out so late, but I needed to find my roommate. I didnt find her in our room after my chores were completed, and I thought I could find her in the guardens, where she sometimes comes to watch the stars... Aes Sedai."


*She held her breath.*

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Nyanna cursed herself as she heard footsteps coming closer. Suddenly she was staring into the face of an Aes Sedai.. Nyanna felt her cheeks suffused with a hot red and she lowered her hands and her knees gave way into something awkward she hoped resembled a curtsey. Uh-oh.


The Aes Sedai stared sternly at her, then shook her head and spoke in clipped tones.


"Come along child. You'll want to see Miahna Sedai as well."


Even with her serene expression Nyanna realised the Aes Sedai was quite irritated by her presence. She followed her silently to where her roommate and the other Aes Sedai were waiting. Nyanna allowed herself only a quick scowl when the Aes Sedai’s back was turned. She was just going back to her room, what possibly could she have done wrong. The conversation from earlier came back into her mind. Were they concerned that they had overheard it? She quickly wiped the pout off her face as they came to a stop and flopped a sullen curtsey as the woman she supposed was Miahna Sedai surveyed her too. Pig poop. This was the woman she had seen arriving earlier. What if she’d seen her? And thought she was spying on her? She hadn’t been in the Tower long, but had quickly learnt that outside of classes, most Aes Sedai didn’t care much for novices. She had done nothing wrong. A tiny voice in her head wondered if she had broken some Tower rule she wasn’t aware of.


Defiantly, she stared at the Aes Sedai’s feet.


That was when her roommate unexpectedly spoke up.


"There she is! I am sorry Aes Sedai for being out so late, but I needed to find my roommate. I didnt find her in our room after my chores were completed, and I thought I could find her in the guardens, where she sometimes comes to watch the stars... Aes Sedai."


Nyanna bit her lip and looked up from under her hair, eyes darting to the Aes Sedais faces and away again. Would they believe it? She went back to staring at the floor, but abandoned the glower for a more vacant expression, such as a dreamy star-gazer might have. It was nice of the other girl to try and get them out of this.


“Yes Aes Sedai, I like to be outside. And watch stars. I forgot the time completely, Aes Sedai. I am sorry. I was just on my way back…” She trailed off, and hoped for the best.

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A soft breeze floated on the air, bring the smell of roses and tulips to the strange foursome that stood on the dark stone path intersecting the garden. The Blue paused for a moment, eyes flickering to Taia, before she began to address the young girls in white before her. It was just like Taia to get her into something like this and then leave her to deal with it. She was curious how the Green functioned without her; she always relied on Mimi to make the difficult decisions. She was like the annoying little sister with that habit. Oh she'd hear of this later, when they were actually in private - rather than the apparently public gardens. She sniffed and affixed the novices with a cool stare. Not the one she generally afforded to Darkfriends, but it was still icy nonetheless.


The two girls were stammering their excuses - interrupting and talking over each other to see who could come up with the best lie. She would have laughed if it had been appropriate. Such irony that girls who were learning to be Aes Sedai were standing here lying to two Sisters. They must have a long way to go, she thought almost disdainfully. They'd better start learning how to tell the truth without actually saying anything. I hear that's how most Ajahs do it. Shifting her shawl, the Blue picked up right where the dark haired novice left off.


"Hmm..." she said, her gaze moving from one to the other, "I believe that you enjoy nature and the stars little one. What I don't believe is that you were wandering out here before us. Nor do I believe that your roommate just happened to be looking for you and came across the three of us speaking." She stepped closer to the pair, her tall frame dwarfing the two small girls. Miahna was tall for a woman, and imposing as her features had hardened over the years. It was more intimidating the closer one stood to her. Taia always prodded her to loosen up, but in times like these, a frightening persona was useful.


"I saw you at the stable, child," she said to the small girl who had apparently been following her for quite some time. Betimes life in the Tower was odd. Perhaps because she'd become a novice so late in her life - or because of the circumstances of her "childhood," but she she couldn't ever remember stalking a Sister. Aes Sedai had been intriguing, awe-inspiring, and sometimes cold hearted witches, but stalking one just seemed to be asking for trouble. "And you," she said, snapping her head in the other direction, "covering for your friend is commendable, but lying never is." Setting her mouth in a firm line she stared down at them.


"I was not expecting this disappointing show of initiates upon returning to the Tower. Are you not aware of the Oaths a woman takes when she gains the shawl? Your display today is shaming. Your punishment is thus - you are to spend a full month telling the complete truth. No matter what is asked of you. You are not to be tricky with your words either - I want the full and honest truth every time. You may think this is getting off easy, but you'll find that the truth is more difficult than can appear. You will never make light of this rule again. I will report this to the Mistress of Novices myself. Lest you think I will not be able to watch you around the clock, I will enlist the services of Accepted and your coinitiate novices. You will not know who and you will not know when, but they will report to me should you falter." She frowned down at them before turning around.


"Anything to add Taia Sedai?"

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Taia led the other novice back to Mia, who was much better at dealing with this then Taia could ever hope to be. The two girls started talking over themselves in an effort to avoid punishment. Taia remembered doing something similar herself with Mia when they were novices. They had learned quickly not to do that, but every girl tried it at least once. Some never learned and spent much of there time in the Mistress of Novices office. Taia tried to avoid spending much time near the Mistress of novices, she was sure the woman was capable, but she still didn't like the office.


Mia was done listening to the girls and spoke of there punishment.

"I was not expecting this disappointing show of initiates upon returning to the Tower. Are you not aware of the Oaths a woman takes when she gains the shawl? Your display today is shaming. Your punishment is thus - you are to spend a full month telling the complete truth. No matter what is asked of you. You are not to be tricky with your words either - I want the full and honest truth every time. You may think this is getting off easy, but you'll find that the truth is more difficult than can appear. You will never make light of this rule again. I will report this to the Mistress of Novices myself. Lest you think I will not be able to watch you around the clock, I will enlist the services of Accepted and your coinitiate novices. You will not know who and you will not know when, but they will report to me should you falter."


Taia was trying not to smile now, it was a hard punishment Mia had given them. Plus her threat of keeping track of the two girls was not idle. Mia had her ways of knowing anything she wanted to know. Mia turned to her and asked if there was anything to add. Taia frowned and thought for a moment there was almost no punishment that was as hard as what Mia had already done. She wasn't sure if she would want to try for a better one. She pulled her own shawl around her and said.


"I think a little manual labor is good for you if you have time to stay up this late and watch the stars you have time for your hands to be doing something. Report yourselves to the kitchens after your dinner every night. You will spend the next month there after dinner scrubbing pots, or whatever else the Mistress of the kitchens wants from you. It should help you sleep at night if nothing else will. I will report this to the mistress of Novices as well. I may check in with the Kitchen staff to make sure you are preforming your tasks well." She let this sink in then she said to the girls. "Now run along to bed you will have a full day tomorrow."

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*If Dora was terrified before, she was confused now. She did understand the faulty of her ways, cursing her own name for letting her fast mouth run circles around her thoughts. If she maybe had a chance to think before she spoke, she might just get out of situations like this. Her reflexes has always been good, she did work in the kitchen before coming to the tower and there, good reactions can save fingers and face. Literaly and figuratively. At that time, she thought that a room filled with hot pots of boiling water and a large number of very sharp objects would be the most dangerous place she would find herself in. Now, that room, the kitchen feels like a boring and mundane place, especially since she scrubs pots all day.


The first punnishment got her confused, and a bit happy she got off that easy. She understood she did wrong, and this punnishment would just be a kind of after-lesson chore. She saw it as an opportunity to better herself as a novice, rather then a punishment. And to say the truth, she didnt lie that often, and if she did it was usually just white lies. Reading and studying the oaths, she believed, wrongly it seems that the way an Aes Sedai uses the Oath of Truth is by white lies. She now udnerstood it was not so. Trying to lie a minor lie to save someone from punishment, and maybe herself too for going lost in both her thoughts and the Tower seemed like a good idea at the time, in the heat of the moment.


The trouble started when the second punishment was brought to light. The confusion was painted all over Doras young face when the last words were spoken. What is so confuseing about Kitchen duty after lessons before bed? Well... she allready got those for the next two weeks. THree accounts of not bowing to Aes Sedai, four accounts of not calling Aes Sedai by their rightfull title, One account of calling the Mistress of Novices by name only, an account of frowning at an accepted teaching class(that one was a blatant lie! That accepted cant differ a frown from a bloody silenced sneeze!), 17 accounts of foul language (just this week), one account of laughing out loud in class for no reason. A long list.


She rubbed her temple, trying to find a way to tell the full truth, and nothing but the truth, even as she was trying to not loose her only free day in the week for even more chores. She was getting really tired by the end of the days even if she was used to hard labor. She then looked up at Taia Sedai with her confused, restless expression and tried to speak.*


"P-Per-permission to sp... spee...speak, Taia S-Sedai"


*She was done with getting any more punnishment for the day, she made sure to get in all the right forms, but she was too wind up now to speak clearly, and nearly cursed while saying the word "speak". It was curious how she always was able to curse without stuttering, even while stuttering.

She was also thankfull that Mia Sedai didnt ask if her witfull punishment was rightious or not. In light with this new rule, Dora would be forced to answer that she felt like being let of too easy for lieing to one Aes Sedai (she did think the punnishment for lieing to an Aes Sedai from Taia Sedai was fair though). She didnt even dare to dream what that would lead to.*

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