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The Travels of Jain Farstrider

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Epic Fail - Matrim Couton, about how he killed Demandred (after losing his Fox medallion in battle).


How about this similarly named one:

Epic Faile: The Death of a Prophet - by Zarine ni Bashere t'Aybara


Some more:

The Mountains of Mistborn - Brandon al'Vere (alternative author: Brandelwyn Sanderson. Either could be a pseudonym for Rand al'Thor)

That's So Prince of Ravens - Matrim Cauthon

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The Joys Of Philanthropy by Valan Luca

Critics rave about this classic "Road to Damascus" conversion by a man who was so greedy he reputedly would have considered kidnapping the Dark One if there was enough gold in it! Read this stirring tale of how a vane peacock discovered he actually had a soul and learned to help others in need (for a very small price). Here is a excerpt of his personal testimonial that will truly inspire people to seek out the "greater good":


I, Valan Luca once only had two concerns in my selfish life. One, that my menagerie, Valan Luca's Grand Traveling Show and Magnificent Display of Marvels and Wonders (abbreviated title) was the biggest and the best show anywhere. My second was that I didn't leave a village or town unless I took in every last silver mark and if possible one copper more. However, I began to re-evaluate my priorities while traveling to Ghealdan when I met and took in three desperate women in need. Nana, a fierce one who thought she could literally slap sense into man or woman; Morelin, who had such a withering look, complete with upturned chin, that one was reminded of the onset of Winter; and Maerion who had some sort of delusional fancy of being a hero reborn with a sharp aim. To these three I gave shelter, food, and work; although my initial reward was constant scoldings and lectures. After experiencing the frequent turmoil and chaos which plagued these three helpless women, I became genuinely concerned that I underestimated how much danger they (and my show) might be in. After accidentally causing a war between the Children of the Light and Followers of the Prophet, they left the show despite my pleas to keep them safe. While running for my life with the remains of my show I contemplated at length how much better a person and one with the Light I had become after meeting these "remarkable" women...


Stay Tuned for a sample chapter of my second book, And Not One Gold Crown Less! which chronicles when I met Matrim Cauthon and realized that I had mortgaged my hopes of Bliss in the Eternal Light to a Ta'veren!

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Some time ago I did this...


At the Edge of Time - Rand al'Thor. Or did I already think of that one?


Not the Last Battle - Elan Morin Tedronai.


How to recognize Darkfriends - Jaichim Carridin, Questioner of the Children of the Light.


Good behind Evil - A biography of Verin Mathwin by Egwene al'Vere.

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a tale of five village idiots

they set out to see the world, and then ruled it -written by five unkown authors from a backwater known as the two rivers.


a ship full of honour- by avienda, wwith extensive chaptars on how whining is a show of strength.

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10 Ways to Meet Your Toh (And Other Tips For Fool Milk-Hearted Wetlanders) - by Aviendha of the Nine Valleys Sept of the Tardaad Aiel

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Blackness in the Tower - Logain Ablar, biography of Mazrim Taim.


...And the Dragon survives - Elan Morin Tedronai, a biography about the Dragon, both when he was named Lews Therin and when he was named Rand al'Thor. In this book the Pattern of the Ages is revealed, claimed to be seen in a "dark vision". Not everyone believes this.


LIMITED EDITION: The first 10 000 people who buy ...And the Dragon Survives gain And the Light Shone from the same author, telling the story of Moridin, formerly known as Ishamael, at the Last Battle, ending with his return to the Light.

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Inappropriate Dress, An Illustrated Guide.


Written by el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran

Modelling for the illustrations done by el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran

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Pillow Friends: A romantic tale about two accepted Aes Sedai.: Written by Elaida

Ogres and ADHD: Mat

The Trick to Falling off Bridges: Mat

The Dragon Reborn Owes Me Money: Written by Cenn Buie

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How to make an'gerals and other items of power - by Elayne Trakan, with help from Aviendha


How to avoid biginner mistakes "how to avoid overdose of saidin" - by Aginor

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I'll take a stab


The Duh Verin Code - by Egwene; with a trail of well laid clues, Verin has shared the secret of the Dark One's true intentions, will you solve the Duh Verin Code before our lead character, a simple village girl with masochistic tendencies, does?


Gone With the Wind...finders - Merilille Ceandevin; a tale of a fiery relationship between a swarthy apprentice and a browbeaten Aes Sedai


The Codfather - Siuan Sanche; you may not know this but the woman who was formerly the foremost in all the world came from... A FISHING BACKGROUND!


Rand al'Thor and the Chamber of Secrets - unknown; an anonymous work describing the bed chambers of the Dragon Reborn post-Tarmon Gaidon - when you have saved the world, three women is not too much to ask, is it?


Brigitte Jones - Helen Fielding; because some chick lit is so pervasive it is written in every age, universe and potential world

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The Bloody Art of War - Mat Cauthon

Randy Appleseed - Forgotten Dragonmount Farmer 3rd age.

From Bale to Balefire - Rand Al-Thor.

Lost and Found - Perrin Aybara about marriage.


Sword of Truth - Author unknown - fiction loosely based on the legends of the 3rd age.

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The Life and Times of the Destroyer of all. By Moridin.

How to Survive Three Wives (at once!) Volumes 1-10, Rand.

Compulsive Compulsion - Graendal.

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Lets take a crack at this


Walking with Wolves - By Perrin t'Bashere Aybara with notes from Elyas Machera


Crowns, Crowns Everywhere - Matrim Cauthon


From Shepherd to Shayol Ghul - Autobiography of Rand Al'Thor

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