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What do you do with the leftover Hallowe'en candy/sweets?  

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  1. 1. What do you do with the leftover Hallowe'en candy/sweets?

    • Eat it!
    • Give it to a friend/a friend's children
    • Gave it all out on the night
    • Take some of it to work
    • Throw it away
    • Didn't have any
    • Other (please specify)

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Well I am going to stick to my pronunciations-regardless of their corectness. :twisted: :P

Here's what I think, should anyone care...:


A'Dam: Adam(like the guy's name)

Aes Sedai:Eyes Said-eye

Aiel: Ale (much better, in my perspective)

Amyrlin Am-re-lin

Amys: A-mis

Atha'an Miere:a-THAN mire


Birgitte: Birgit (mostly right!)

Taim: Tame

Julian Sandar: JUlian SANder

Myrddraal: MIGH-drawl

Saidar/Saidin: Say-dar/ Say-din


I'm sure I've got more but that was off the top of my head.[/b]

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i dont like aiel being said : eye-eel

and i always messed up on amadicia calling it amacadia not like its an important place anyways.

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I voted terrible.


Aes Sedai - Ace Seday

Seanchan - Seen chan

Emonds Field - Ed-monds (I don't know where the d came from :shock: )

Asmodean - As-mod-an

Gawyn - Gwayne :oops: :oops: :oops:

Ishamael - Ish-mil

Aviendha - A-veen-da


Plus all the usual ones, like egg-ween and whatever with Cairhein. I had a hell of a trouble trying to understand the podcast the first time I listened to it when they were going on about all these "EYEZ seh-DEYE"

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I read through until the end of the 7th book saying "eh's saideye", and all the other common mistakes. But when i couldn't find the 8th book anywhere, i got the audio books. Listening to the whole 8th book and then basically whenever i went walking to where i was up to in the series (still do actually, great way to re-read :D) and now I'm halfway through LOC again, but i pronounce all of them like the audio books do - correctly.


If you want to change the way you say it in your head read it out loud the way you want to hear it a few times, it's the best way to convert.

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As has been pointed out elsewhere, the makers of the audio books stopped consulting Jordan about the pronounciations years ago. As a result, almost none of the audio book names and terms are pronounced correctly.

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Typical! No one ever listens to the authors!


I have finally discovered how to pronounce Taim; I didn't pronounce it Tame because that seemed too obvious so going with the 'H' theme I inserted a H and pronounced it Thaim (Time)!

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My pronounciation's pretty poor. I wouldn't mind learning to say them all properly, but it's just not going to happen. Oh well.

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