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I've been trying to snag one all day with no luck. At first I'd see three at a time every 10 mins or so but then it turned into single sightings every 20 minutes, if not more. I just gave up eventually. I also searched around to see if anyone was offering a holly in a trade but everyone is offering trades to GET a holly and so no one is really offering any :/





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ARGH!!!! two just slipped through my fingers.



see i have this problem, when i see the egg i want i get all excited, my brian goes "Oo an Egg" which causes a 2 second delay in brain to finger communication. so that by the time i click it, someone's beatin me to it :dry:


i'm stubborn though. i want this flamming egg

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good luck Ama. i've been refreshing the AP constantly for the past hour and have only seen maybe 2 Holly's drop. total today i've seen about 50-70 drop.



AH - are you gonna be able to snag a Yulebuck this year??

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I'll be able to get it just fine--just trying to keep a spot open for a holly. I've seen quite a few since midnight last night but haven't been able to snag one yet :P

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too right no the sharing. i've already decided if i get a Holly i'll be gifting her eggs to people next year. it shouldn't be this hard to catch a flaming dragon :laugh:



over in the Dragon Cave forum they have gifting threads. so i'm planning on entering my Holidays in those threads from now on. unless ofcourse theres people here on DM who need the dragons for their scrolls first :happy:

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so long as said page comes with an auto-bot that will snag hard to catch eggs for all of us Ama :laugh:



AH - gifting is when a person does a one-way transfer to someone else. over on the Dragon Cave Forum (DCF) they have a trading section for trading eggs you don't want, ect. they also have whats called "Gifting" threads. where people sign up to be put on a list to have breeders donate the specified breeds to them. they have them for all types, including a Tinsel and Holiday gifting thread.

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we could talk to Barm about it. a few of us want the Chan brought back for the entertainment section. i like this idea as well *nods*



so i've given up on actively trying to get a Holly after spending 14+ hours yestruday. i've resorted to trolling DCF for people have Hollys and shooting them a PM asking if i can set up an IOU with them. 1 has said i'm first in line if he can snag his friend an egg, another has said to PM them closer to the holidays next year. so far so good, and much less stressful :laugh:




so right now is a great time to snag uncommons and rares from the cave as everyone is preoccupied with snatching the holiday dragons. i've aquired a CB Paper dragon (which i've been trying like made to snag) and finally got a CB ember egg again which i've influenced to be female. so i'll finally have a CB breeding pair of Embers for PB offsprings and lineage projects.




so aside from snagging 2 CB's of the upcomming xmas dragon, whats everyones To Do List for their scrolls this year, what will you try to accomplish this comming up year?


heres mine (it's rather long and tedious)


- 1 male and 1 female of each type of dragon (either CB or low gen)

- 1 CB breeding pair of each dragon

- Start Lineage projects*

- become more active in newbie/holiday gifting

- beef up Pinkies (20 females, 20 males)

- beef up Reds (atleast 14)

- beef up Magi's (as many as possible)



*Planned Lineages:


1. Ember Line - (Dante's Inferno) PB Female 10 gen / SSTerrea Female / SSMinty Male / SSHorse Male

2. Nebbis Line - (Night Fury or Comsic Alliance) PB Male(Purple) 10 gen

3. Minty Line - (Mint Jellie) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

4. Horse - (Epic Epona) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

5. Terrea - (n/a) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

6. Moonstone - (n/a) PB Male 10 gen / SSBBWyvren Male / SSTerrea Female

7. BBWyvren - (n/a) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

8. Daydream - (n/a) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

9. Nilla - (Nilla Waffer) PM Male & Female 10+ gen

10. Seawyrm - (n/a) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

11. Dark Myst - (n/a) PB Male & Female 10+ gen

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