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nm already gone. the trading sites and the DC forum are great for trading away eggies you don't want. especially if you have the Magi to provide a trade link :happy:

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Ama, if you want after the christmas dragons are released; i can breed my Magi's and influence an egg to be female for you then give you the gendered hatchie.

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speaking of christmas, the christmas dragons are getting set to breed!! so keep your eyes posted and your scrolls open to eggs in the next few weeks.


Christmas Dragons come with a limit of 2 dragons per scroll, this will be the 5th in the Christmas Series. the previous dragons are



2007 - Holly Dragons 5tdo.png


2008 - Yulebuck (Mal Only) Candycane1.gif


2009 - Snow Angel (Female Only) Beautiful_christmas_egg.gif


2010 - Ribbon Dancers (Female Only) Christmas10.png




Sonw Angels are the only Dragons in the series to come in three different types. your scroll determines what type you will recieve.



Gold - Mrry.gif



White Tipped - Angel2.gif




Tri-Colored - Angel3.gif

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that i dunno, i just know the Wiki says the scroll determines which type you get; and all the hatchies are the same so you don't know which one it will be until it's an adult

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So get your scrolls ready for egg catching next week because thats when the older christmas varietys should be breeding. apparently, it's a week before the holiday where the older dragons breed.



also, just wanted to share, but my CB Green and CB Rock dragons produced a Geode eggie!!!!

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And the wreath decorating contest is now on. Read the story in the story book to unlock decorations.





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Nya i see you have a Hatchi!! congrads!!!




also, 4 days till the older chirstmas eggs drop!!!! WOOT!!!




so whose everyones fav christmas sprite?? for me it's a toss up between the Horse and the BB Wyvren. though i do hope they keep the sprite for the male GH Tangar pernament, i love how he's looking over hsi shoulder and has his tail :happy:



i have a whole list of others that are really cool


- Male GH Tangar

- Horse

- Pillow

- Skywing

- BB Wyverns

- Male Dark Myst

- Sunsets

- Ember



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AGREE!!! :))


My faves of the 'christmasified' are maybe the Sunstones and Electric ones :) I haven't seen them all yet, though :)


Also, congrats Nya! :)

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I think that those who have Christmas dragons already can breed them, so eggs may possibly appear in the abandoned cave, but the 2011 Christmas dragons will drop in the cave - is that right?

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I love how the Nebula's have christmas lights all over.


For some reason I also like that the female purples have flowers.

Male Vampires are funny




They're adding more. Some are decorated that weren't yesterday.....


Anyway magmas look cool.

I love that spotted green wings look like they're dancing

skywings look cool...


and balloons :P

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Christmas dragons from past years (as well as many other rare dragons) will be in the abandoned cave starting the time I said somewhere else. Monday at midnight for us.


Then starting Christmas Midnight for us and all christmas day there will be a new christmas dragon released in the other caves and that will go for 24 hours I believe.

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Heehee, thanks!


Also, I have not much of an idea how everything works :laugh: with the Christmas dragons, will they be eggs you pick up? Or just appear on your scroll? How do I get them? :P


nope, all eggs have to be snatched. like AH said, older eggs from the series will be in the AP, and the new ones will drop in all the caves. it shoudl be like Halloween, that while the drop is happening, thats the only CB egg you'll be able to pick up. just rememebr that you can only have 2 of each series.



and actually AH, i think TJ is pushign this event for a few days (the new egg drop)

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i need one as well. seriously, i'd totlaly settle for just one on my scroll and i dont give a darn about lineage with this guy either :laugh:




anyone catches one, will IOU 5 eggs/hatchies off my scroll for 1 Holly egg next christmas. i'd love a Holly this year so next year i can gift the eggies to others who need one next year though.

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