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yep i just trolled the DC forum and found that AH :happy: so its like a Bluna, Geode & Splash dragon.


*looks at her puny spitfire collection* at least those buggers wont be cave blockers anymore lol



thanks AH :smile:


so has everyone caught two of the CB's yet? i'm waiting on my 2nd in the coastal but i gaught 2 of the other already and have gendered them male and female ^.^

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some jerk tried to kill my eggs by sticking them into alot of hatcherys :dry:


i've only had one bad interaction on DC, but i'm not jumping to conclusions with that. Karma will get them back for me, she's a bitch that tends to repay sneaky underhanded moves like that ten fold.



it appears that two of the new releases have dimorphasim in their images :happy:

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also, theres speculation that the goldish egg will be rare. so stock up on them while their easy to catch *nods* i plan on nabbing 6 more as my new babies hatch

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the adult sprites and names are up!! very very pretty.



as i thought the new shiny's (or Lumina Dragons) are my absolutely fav and i'm so building an army of them. they are all i'll be collecting for a while *nods* i want atleast 12 pairs. currently i'm 1/3 to my goal


the blue egg in the coast are called Tsunami Wyvrens, their adult sprites are very pretty as well, though the Gold Wyvren is still my personal fav with the BBW comming in 2nd as far as sprite looks.



the hybrid are called Ultraviolet Dragons.



all adults have diamorphisim in their sprites, which is excellent; though only the Tsunami and Hybrid have diamorphsim in the gendered hatchlings.

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i absolutely ADORE the Lumani's!!! hmmm i think i'll go with the suffix of either Luminati or Narcissa *nods*


also i can't decide which pairing i love the most with the Lumani babys for a breeding project. i'm leaning toward the Harvest and the Stripe and the gold pairing is just stunning. but the Nebbie pairing makes me laugh XD looking at the GW paring, it's not growing on me at all :/


Lumina x Harvest

Stripe x Lumina

Black x Lumina

Gold Wyvren x Lumani

Lumani x Gold (i'd love to see a CB male paired with a Lumani but i don't have one yet)

Lumani x Red Nebbi (the red tint of the Nebbi makes the Lumani's belly look reddish XD )


also, this is interesting. if someone gets a lieage that contains SW's and they don't have a CB to continue it the Lumani's complement the SW's sprites very nicely. like how some use the Whites ^_^

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O.o I've never seen the lineage part of TAoND before.... How do you get to there from the homepage?



I just saw the grown new ones before--THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!! The Tsunami Wyverns are a new favorite of mine I think...

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it's under the "extra" tab AH. they have lots of goodies there, including an inbred checker and BSA checker. i can't gush about the Incubate tracker option enough for keeping track of which of my reds is ready for incubating :happy: their gonna be putting in a Breeding tracker too eventually.


http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Extras.php - this should take you directly to the extras page

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And so did Cyan, Davrick and Kronos :P *highfives*



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Nyan, you need to have a Magi and use the teleport ability to gift/trade eggs.


if anyone wasn't able to get a 2012 christmas dragon, let me know. i snagged a 2nd for gifting to a perosn that wasn't able to be on to snag one at all.





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btw, AH, grats on yer Holly. i was able to get one as well, thanks to leelous help earlier this year witht he trade. and i secured a trade for another 2013 that has a very lovely lineage. its a checker with the Bright Pinks/Hollys as the OPs.



i've got a Red/Pink checker i'm doing, so i think for its mate i'll be hunting down Reds or Heartseekers paired with Bright Pinks.

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Yikes! I snagged a holiday egg the other day . . . and then forgot I had done so! I hope it's still alive . . . :worried:

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so long as it wasn't ver a week ago Dar you should be fine :happy:



speaking of Hollys, i can't believe how many i've seen this year in the AP. i guess the Ratios reset, and the Hollys are breeding like wild fire (where as the Tinsels have been stingy little buggers since July)



i just snagged a Holly hatchling from the AP, whcih is giving me a Holly conundrome :laugh:


AP snag its got an interesting lineage imo and i know i can continue it with a stripe ^.^ i'm also more partial to AP snags of rares because, well it takes alot of luck and skill to snag them in most cases. when one is a Holly of all dragons and has a nice lineage, i snuggle it even more *hopes it genders right*


This lovely i absoluetly adore the lineage and have a possible IOU on for 2013. its not for sure and with Holly IOUs they tend to ask big prices that are harder to fill, so i have my fingers crossed, but the AP snag makes me not so anxious to get it filled.


Quest is the Holly that Leelou helped me get. i've got this Autum planned as its mate because of the EG lineage. all of those lovely spriter alts and its a non-inbred thwude (from TJs Holly!) and AP snag to boot.



so heres the thing. if i can fill the IOU on the checker, i can only have two. while i'm partial to both Hollys i currently have, i will have to release one of them (after breeding & gifting them ofcourse) i will have to consider my options *nods*



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