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My Cell Phone is Hacked

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Whenever my dad is on his computer, and only when he is on my computer, my cell phone gets very hot for no reason, even if I am not using it. The screen stays on when I try to shut if off. These are both signs of a hacked phone and I know multiple places online to buy such a device. Here, in the US, it is against the law to read another person's text messages without their knowledge since it's a violation of your Amendment Rights. I am 18, he has no right to spy on me, but he gets annoyed because I don't talk to him, which I have every right to do because he never tried to talk to me when I was growing up, constantly interrupted me and never cared. You can't ignore your child for 18 years and then think you have the right to decide if that gap is mended. You never have the right to violate their amendment rights. There are cell phone plans that let you read everyone elses texts, but have those everyone being spied on MUST receive a text message at the beginning of every month and at random intervals telling them that they are being watched.

I can't have my phone wiped clean or get a new one, because he would just do it again. What do I do to make him stop spying on me? I looked at the program he is uses and tested it. He can activate my phone and listen to me even when I am not on the phone. I am upset and scared. My phone is my only way of contacting my best friend, I don't want to lose this.

What do I do?

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Yeah, who owns what? Do you own the phone or the plan? Also, do you own or pay rent in the dwelling?


Also, you say that the phone is the only way you can contact your best friend - but there are other ways. For example, since you are posting on here I am assuming you have access to a computer. There are free services in which you can make and receive phone calls - such as Google Voice. You even get your own phone number. I think you are lucky to even have a phone if you don't pay for it.


Just wanted to put some thoughts in your head before you end up regretting something you say or do. And if it is "hacked" then wipe the phone or use a different ESN. He probably just cloned your ESN.

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Hmm... I could probably have the dealer wipe it and with luck he would think something went wrong with his hacking... or would he figure that out?

Thanks for the input by the way, means a lot.

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contact your cell phone provider and see what they can do; you can block certian numbers from calling a number, i'm sure the same can be done with programs and smart phones. if your dad owns the cell plan, likely the phone company wont be any help and i'd suggest getting your own cell phone plan.

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It really comes down to who paid for the phone, and who is paying for the service plan. If he's footing the bills, you're most like S.O.L. because it's technically his.


You can get an inexpensive phone at most CVS/Walgreens/Walmart nowadays with pay-as-you-go plans. Or get your own phone plan if that's what you really need. I personally cut my ties financially before I was 18 with my parents, so I know I would be more than pissed if someone was hacking my personal phone. It's not right, and if you own it, it's probably against the law.


Also, you can always just talk to your father about it. And just tell him you know something is up, and this is something that's completely unacceptable to you. That's probably the most adult form of action you could take with it IMO, though I know it won't be the easiest. Once he gets past looking at you like a child, and more of a young adult, will probably be a turning point for the better in your relationship.

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speak to your dad... fight it out if you have to... but reconcile with him.


I felt much the same way as you did when I was your age but I would be very suprised if you couldnt come to an arrangement/agreement/reconciliation with your father and achieve a much happier and healthier relationship.


Unfortunately parents usually arent the ones to initiate that.. sometimes its hard to expect the "adults" to act like adults. There is SOME truth to the whole "cant teach an old dog new tricks" line.


You only live once and you could die tomorrow - or your dad could.

Make peace with him and make friends with him - or at least give it your best shot.


Others gave good advice about getting a new phone - be it prepaid or otherwise.

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