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So this is one block from my Aunt's house after Irene swept through:




Anybody else got some images of the storm or the earthquake, ot even the heat wave in the southwest, or the dust storms in the arizona deserts?


I know Poetstorm has got to have a few

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Holy crap Eclipse!! We didn't get it nearly that bad. My thoughts go out to everyone there.


I spent the enture hurricane riding along in my husband's cab for his 12 hour ahift. Jumped at the opportunity because I'm such a storm chaser at heart. I'd be chasing twisters if I lived in the midwest. LOL


Anyway here is a link to the album of photos I just posted. You should be able to see the.


Hurricane Irene 2011 - Ridin' the Storm

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I'll have to see if I can find any of my friend's old pictures of some of the dust storms that have gone through here.



My friend works at one of the trapize shows, here is one of his pics of the dust "wall" right before it hit.




Some of the dust "wall" pics from last month from my aunts house.







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That album looks a lot like what happened up here in north Jersey. Basically just a bunch of downed branches with the occasional downed tree. Pretty mild compared to some of the damage the city itself took, which is crazy.


TMD, that's freaky. I heard that parts of Arizona got hit with no less than 4 of those dust walls this year. I can't imagine having to travel in that. Do you guys have like dust masks and stuff for when that happens?

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Ha yea, but they don't do any good usually especially if you don't have any goggles to protect your eyes in them. You pretty much just have to stay indoors or if you are driving pull over and wait for it to pass. They usually don't last for more than 15-20 minutes. And yea we have been hit with about 3 of them here. (I've been working during 2 of them and it is freaky when it suddenly gets dark outside and then a little while later it is light again haha.

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I'm in Birmingham, AL and while we aren't getting weather like this now, we got those Light forsaken tornados during the spring that ripped through everything. You know, those largest-ever-recorded-in-North-America tornados, right? Yes, those beasties that send Trollocs hiding and Myddraal quivering in their boots. I stood outside my fraternity house and watched one of the tornados go across the landscape about 1 1/2 miles north. It was monstrous. Something Rand would need a sa'angreal to create. Sadly, I don't have any pictures to show off.

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Is it safe there?


It's save in the Netherlands. The most dangerous is 20 cm water in the lower streets at some places. But not worse. The worst weather I've ever had here, was a thunderstorm, I think. And that's not dangerous if you're inside your house. The thing you have to worry most about, is that, in a storm, the thing that holds the water away, those that washed away in New Orleans, get damaged here, and the water comes in. A chance of 0.01%, they say. THAT is safe. And we never have hurricanes, earthquakes or tornado's.


So it's one of the safest places on earth.

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