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Welcome to the Taint, Despothera!


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Welcome, Despothera.


I think Talmanes already set up a welcome thread for you, but if he didn't (and also if he did), you can spend some time here to tell us who you are. And please don't mind the spam that will be in this thread before you are able to post here. It's the Black Tower. I will wait.


Do you want some delicious Tainted Brownies by the way? As much Taint as you can get by a whole day channeling.

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Welcome Despothera! Nice to see a new face. I´m one of the Storm Leaders of the Shadow and if you have any questions you can come to me.


So tell us about yourself. Who is your favorite asha´man? What do you eat for breakfast? Why have you decided to join this madness? Do you have a red tooth brush?

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Alright diggin the welcome to the Black Tower! Sorry it took me a bit to respond, I had to keep swerving around the spam traffic. Jking lol I work nights and sleep during the day, so you occassionally might see me take a bit to respond. Shouldn't take too long though, the taint draws me to the Black Tower like a chiapet to a old, lonely, forgotten drifter.


By the way, I know these brownies are tainted, but is there any way they're "special" tainted brownies? If so...


*stuffs face*


Little bit about me - I'm 25, a dude, been part of DM since April 19th, 2011, and have a little over 200 posts. What's that? You can see all that stuff in my profile anyways? Oh, well then... anyone ever wonder why grapenuts have neither grapes or nuts in them?


In other news, I write the theory blog for the front page (go read it and stroke my ego, best way to get me to succumb to the taint), I'm in a metal band, I'm getting married to a mega hottie in less than two months, and my spoon's too big.



Favorite Asha'man is Flinn, I eat pieces of crap like you for breakfast all the time, and my toothbrush is only red when I cut myself while shavebrushing (yes I brush my teeth while shaving, it saves some time so I can do more important things like _____).


Everything else you'll learn from the autobiography someone else is writing about me.

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