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An Establishment - travelers and any interested in open rps look here!


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Goodmorning Beauties!! A couple girls and I are working on three Freelander sister characters who own a fine establishment with a tavern downstairs and rooms for guests upstairs and - ahem - possibly company in the rooms (don't worry DM staff, we're keepin' it PG13). So here we're doing a little market research, where would YOU like us to situate our business? Caemlyn? Tar Valon? Carhein? Lugard? Another place?


The majority will *probably* win this!

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Yeah, having a tavern establishment would be awesome! Let me tell you what I think about it:


Tar Valon would be the choice if you're looking for the most active people I think, since you have lots of people frequenting there from the White Tower.


However, I'd love to see a scene be established in Caemlyn or Lugard; I'd personally suggest Caemlyn since it's a bit more well known and there are probably more PC'd Andoran characters than Murandians around. Caemlyn is also in a more central location, within travel distance for the north (Tar Valon and the borderlands) as well as the west and south and east. There's also the Farm nearby there, too.


Lugard could be very interesting and unique, though, since the city is usually more fragmented politically and it's a lot less stable. Crime would probably be higher, and an establishment with a certain, ahem, nightly reputation to uphold might do better culturally in Lugard where everyone is out to get a leg up on everyone else usually, than in Caemlyn where I always got the impression that most well-off people are more socially conservative and more "goody".


However, since Caemlyn is more accessible and more people are familiar of it since it's featured much more in the books (I don't recall Lugard ever being focused on in any of the books; even Far Madding and Tanchico got more page time) and more rp characters are both from around there or likely to visit (like the peeps in Tar Valon which is not too far away).


That's my $0.02, arguing for Caemlyn, though I'd also be cool with Tar Valon if that proves impractical, and Lugard should it prove popular.


Sounds like fun and I wish you luck!

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Anywhere on the Caemlyn Road. Four Kings, or Aringill would be best, but even White Bridge would be okay. I think Tar Valon itself would be to prim and proper for what you have planned. Four King already has the Dancing Cartman, and the Royal Inn. I would go with Four Kings!


*Edit: When my character John Smithe gets approved and cross checked, I will totally visit/frequent your establishment.

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I've been ready for a week! So excited. I've run Jon Smythe before, but as an experiment in DnD. I wanted to prove that a character with completely average stats (straight 10's for those that play DnD) would not only be a viable character, but fun to play. I was correct in my hypothesis. I'm excited to really get role playing with him though. figure out who Jon Smythe is, since he was John Smith when he was a DnD character. Drop a link in here when you get your first posts up ladies.

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