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Fantasy Education

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So I'd like to pose an... I dunno, I guess it's a question.


Say we want to educate someone on Fantasy Literature. This person is interested in fantasy, but has never been exposed to a vacuum. He has one hundred dollars to spend solely on fantasy media (we can include the adjoining genres in this too. Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery and whatever else). So I'd like to discuss what we'd take this person's hundred dollars and spend it on.


A couple of rules.

First, link to your product. Shop around if you like. You can find a used copy if that'll save money.

Second, Time doesn't matter. This person can absorb the media immediately.

Third, in your posts, let's keep a running total of how much we're spending. I'll also try and total it in order to keep a second log. Also, for simplicity's sake, you just have to keep the subtotal under one hundred. The tax doesn't matter for our purpose.

Lastly, it doesn't matter what media we're using. videogames, cd's, movies, literature, art, it's all in play.


So let's get started. Who's got a suggestion?

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go to a library. ask the librarian to search fantasy for you. have her order what is not instock. start with the oldest available titles and work your way back to the future. skip shanarra.


enjoy the free use of the library's computers when you're tired of books.


crash on a friend's couch and catch some netflix under the fantasy category.


you are now educated.

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